Breaking: Trump calls on Supreme Court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago document fight with DOJ


Former President Donald Trump called on the Supreme Court to intervene in the legal fight against the Department of Justice over the documents seized from his residence at the Mar-a-Lago resort.

Trump filed an emergency request to partially block an order from a lower court that sided with the DOJ to allow it to continue its investigation into the classified documents.

Attorneys for the former president called for an independent review of the documents by a special master in order to ascertain whether some documents would be protected from the investigation through executive privilege or attorney-client privilege.

While a judge had earlier appointed the special master and stopped the DOJ investigation, the three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled that the probe could continue.

“The court does not find it appropriate to accept the government’s conclusions on these important and disputed issues without further review by a neutral third party in an expedited and orderly fashion,” said federal district Judge Aileen Cannon on September 15.

While Trump has claimed numerous times that he used the power of the Executive branch to declassify all of the documents that he brought to Mar-a-Lago, the appeals panel noted that his attorneys had not yet used that argument in court.

“Plaintiff has not even attempted to show that he has a need to know the information contained in the classified documents. Nor has he established that the current administration has waived that requirement for these documents,” the panel wrote.

Some on the left were incensed that a judge appointed by Trump had ruled in his favor and they lashed out on social media about their consternation.

The FBI seized around 11,000 documents from Mar-a-Lago on August 8 and of those, about 100 were identified as classified documents.

Trump appointed three of the justices who are currently on the Supreme Court: Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

Here’s more about the legal brouhaha:

Trump asks Supreme Court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago dispute

Serial killer may be prowling the streets of Stockton, already linked to at least 6 deaths: Report


At least six people in California have died and one person has suffered non-fatal injuries in connection with at least one shooter in the city of Stockton, and many now suspect that a serial killer may be on the loose.

According to police, the shootings of at least seven people — all of which were fatal, except one — can be tied directly back to one individual. Those shootings stretch as far back as April 2021 and continued as recently as September 27. All of the shootings have taken place within a few square miles, in the wee hours of the morning, while the victim was all alone.

“By definition, you could probably very well call this serial killings,” Stockton police Chief Stanley McFadden said on Friday.

Police say they have “physical evidence” to link all the cases together, though they did not confirm that such evidence was related to ballistics. They did confirm that they have at least one common person of interest, whom they say is responsible for shooting:

Juan Vasquez Serrano, 39, on April 10, 2021 at 4:18 unidentified black woman, 46, on April 16, 2021 at 3:20 a.m.Paul Alexander Yaw, 35, on July 8, 2022Salvador Debudey Jr., 43, on August 11, 2022Jonathan Hernandez Rodriguez, 21, on August 30, 2022Juan Cruz, 52, on September 21, 2022Lawrence Lopez Sr., 54, on September 27, 2022

The unidentified woman is the only female victim and the only victim to have survived. As race and age do not appear to be a factor, police speculate that the shooter instead looks for an opportunity to “ambush” possible victims who happen to be out alone late at night.

“It wasn’t a robbery,” McFadden stated. “Items aren’t being stolen. They’re not talking about any gang activity in the area or anything. It’s just element of surprise.”

Police have released a grainy security image of the person of interest. The person is dressed all in black and no face can be seen. Police are asking the public to help them apprehend this potentially dangerous individual, though they have not ruled out the possibility that others may be involved as well. A $95,000 reward is available to anyone with information that leads to an arrest.

“The number is 209-937-8167,” a Facebook post from Stockton PD reads in part. “You can also email your information to [email protected] Please submit any video surveillance to or scan the QR code and like always anonymous information can be submitted to Stockton Crime Stoppers at 209-946-0600 or”

In the mean time, law enforcement strongly advises those in the greater Stockton area to avoid walking alone at night.

Planned Parenthood is outraged new Marilyn Monroe biopic depicts unborn baby as human life


Planned Parenthood is outraged that “Blonde,” a new movie based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, dared show that an unborn human baby is in fact a life.

What does the movie show?

The movie shows Monroe — who is played by Ana de Armas — having two forced abortions that later haunted her. In one scene, one of the unborn children is shown speaking with Monroe.

“You won’t hurt me this time, will you?” the unborn child asks Monroe.

What is Planned Parenthood saying?

The organization is taking issue with the movie’s portrayal of an unborn child as a human life, decrying “abortion stigma” and “medically inaccurate descriptions of fetuses.”

“As film and TV shapes many people’s understanding of sexual and reproductive health, it’s critical these depictions accurately portray women’s real decisions and experiences,” said Caren Spruch of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

“While abortion is safe, essential health care, anti-abortion zealots have long contributed to abortion stigma by using medically inaccurate descriptions of fetuses and pregnancy. Andrew Dominik’s new film, ‘Blonde,’ bolsters their message with a CGI-talking fetus, depicted to look like a fully formed baby,” she complained.

Spruch’s statement continued:

Planned Parenthood respects artistic license and freedom. However, false images only serve to reinforce misinformation and perpetuate stigma around sexual and reproductive health care. Every pregnancy outcome — especially abortion — should be portrayed sensitively, authentically and accurately in the media. We still have much work to do to ensure that everyone who has an abortion can see themselves onscreen. It is a shame that the creators of “Blonde” chose to contribute to anti-abortion propaganda and stigmatize people’s health care decisions instead.

Planned Parenthood misleadingly claims that only a small portion of its services are abortion-related. According to the organization’s 2020-2021 annual report, abortion accounted for only 4% of Planned Parenthood’s services.

But in that same year, more than 383,000 unborn children — or about 1,050 per day — were aborted inside Planned Parenthood clinics. The organization has a vested interest in defending abortion, and spends tens of millions of dollars supporting pro-abortion politicians.

How did ‘Blonde’ director react?

Director Andrew Dominik is not interested in issuing a mea culpa.

In an interview with the Wrap, he said pro-abortion critics are examining his movie through a “Roe v. Wade lens.”

“I mean, no one would have given a s*** about that if I’d made the movie in 2008, and probably no one’s going to care about it in four years’ time,” he said. “And the movie won’t have changed. It’s just what sort of going on.”

BLONDE | Official Teaser | Netflix

Trump Suing CNN For Campaign Of Libel And Slander


Donald Trump, a former President, is suing Cable Commie News Network for mad stacks. They are accused of conducting a “campaign in the form of defamation and slander” to stop his 2020 re-election bid.

The lawsuit, which covers 29 pages, claims that CNN has a history smack-talking Trump. However, CNN has intensified its attacks in recent times amid rumors Trump will run again for the White House in 2022.

HARBINGER-O-RAMA! At the conclusion of Trump’s sold out rallies, the first song played is “Hold on, We’re Coming” by Sam and Dave.

The lawsuit states that CNN tried to defame the Plaintiff by using a number of scandalous, false and defamatory labels such as ‘racist’, ‘Russian lackingey’, ‘insurrectionist’ and ‘Hitler’ in its concerted effort tilting the political balance to the right. The lawsuit details numerous instances in which CNN has compared Trump with Hitler.

CHEDDAR-O-RAMA! Nick Sandmann, a Trump-supporting teenager, successfully sued CNN after the network attempted to portray him as a “racist”. Sandmann’s school was forced to close for a few days because of bomb threats. Sandmann’s entire family received death threats.

Since his famous climb down the escalator to announce that he was running for the 2016 presidential election, Trump has been the target of drooling Marxist muckerrakers. New York Attorney General Letitia Jam is suing Donald Trump and his children — Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric — for allegedly inflating assets to secure bank loans and tax benefits.

Trump said in July that CNN was the first news media outlet he would sue for libel or slander. The former president wrote that he would also take legal action against any media outlets that have defamed him and defrauded me. This was in light of the overwhelming evidence of fraud during the 20202 Election. He also suggested that he might take legal action against January 6 Committee.

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Texas National Guardsman patrolling border dies by suicide, and Beto O’Rourke wastes no time before playing politics


A Texas National Guardsman patrolling the southern United States border tragically died by suicide on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who is running for governor of Texas, seized on the incident to take an implicit potshot at Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

What are the details?

The solider was assigned to Operation Lone Star, a border security mission that became necessary last year because of the ongoing border crisis.

The National Guardsman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head around 8:20 a.m., according to military documents obtained by the Army Times. The incident took place in Eagle Pass, a border town situated on the front lines of the border crisis.

In a statement, Abbott said he was “deeply saddened” to hear of the soldier’s passing.

“Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones of the soldier,” the statement said. “Texas Rangers are leading the investigation, as the Texas National Guard and Texas Department of Public Safety coordinate with local law enforcement. I ask all Texans to join Cecilia and me in praying for the soldier’s family during this heartbreaking time.”

The Texas Tribune noted that the soldier’s death is unfortunately the fifth suicide linked to Operation Lone Star and the 10th overall National Guardsman death connected to the mission.

Last year, four troops died by suicide over the span of just eight weeks, prompting an investigation.

More from the Texas Tribune:

When the first suicides linked to Operation Lone Star occurred last year, troops on the mission were struggling through pay problems and poor living conditions. Many were also dissatisfied with the large-scale involuntary activations that were required to meet Gov. Greg Abbott’s troop quotas, according to surveys of the mission’s troops obtained by Army Times and the Tribune.

What did O’Rourke say?

In his statement reacting to the news, O’Rourke took a shot at Abbott by claiming Texas National Guardsmen are being used as “political pawns,” referring to Operation Lone Star.

“I’m so sorry to hear that a tenth Texas National Guard member has lost their life while deployed under Operation Lone Star,” O’Rourke said.

“My thoughts are with his family, community, and the members of the Guard who served all of us alongside him,” he added. “They should never be used as political pawns.”

The soldiers, however, are not being used as political pawns.

Rather, Abbott launched Operation Lone Star in March 2021 because the Biden administration was failing to adequately respond to the flood of migrants crossing the southern border despite immigration being the responsibility of the federal government.

Operation Lone Star appears to be needed because, since it was launched, a record number of migrants have come into the U.S., which has resulted in a record number of migrant deaths.

No whites allowed: Group reportedly organizes anti-racism discussion for ‘BIPOC ONLY’ at University of Chicago


A group that implies affiliation with the University of Chicago has organized a series of activist events this fall, including a “discussion of navigating race” for nonwhite people only.

UChicago United, which was founded in 2017, claims as its mission “to structurally transform the University of Chicago’s campus into a truly inclusive space that fits the needs of and empowers students of color.” The group also expresses hope of impacting the greater Chicago community as well.

To that end, it has invited incoming freshmen to what it calls “Dis-Orientation,” an annual fall program that attempts to educate them “about the ‘real’ University of Chicago,” which, it suggests, is unfriendly to everyone who is not white. Some of the events of Dis-Orientation 2022 include: Anti-Militarism 101; Policing, Gentrification, and Abolition; a Walking DE-Tour of UChicago Campus; and Race @ UChicago.

Race @ UChicago is especially noteworthy since it deliberately excludes white people from attending. Race @ UChicago is a “BIPOC ONLY space for honest discussion of navigating race at UChicago between new and old students,” the description of the event reads.

BIPOC is an acronym that stands for “black, indigenous, and people of color.” In other words, those who identify as white are not permitted to participate in or even make an appearance at Race @ UChicago. Despite the direct exclusion of white people at this event, UChicago United has offered “White Ally” workshops at Dis-Orientation in the past. It is unclear whether nonwhite people were forbidden to attend such workshops.

It is also unclear whether the invitation for “old students” refers to upperclassmen and graduate students or, as the Daily Caller suggests, university alumni.

This year, Dis-Orientation began on September 26 and will conclude at an Activist Open House on October 7, where those “fighting for survivor, migrant, labor, racial, environmental, disability justice (and more) at UChi” will meet and “learn how to get involved.”

Though the group name “UChicago United” hints that the group is strongly affiliated with the university, there is little evidence to suggest a direct link. A search for the group on the school website does not yield any direct results, and the group does not link back to the school on its own website. Group registrations, email addresses, and other forms are all facilitated through Google. The Daily Caller stated that neither the university nor UChicago United responded to a request for comment.

Philadelphia judge blocks enforcement of gun ban at recreation centers and playgrounds


On Monday, a Philadelphia judge blocked enforcement of the mayor’s executive order banning guns from recreation centers and playgrounds.

Last week, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney signed an executive order banning firearms and other deadly weapons from 159 public places around the city, including recreation center spaces, athletic courts, playgrounds, and pools.

“Pools, playgrounds and rec centers are no place for a gun,” Kenney said. “It’s unconscionable that anyone would bring deadly weapons to places where our city’s children gather.”

Immediately following the executive order, Gun Owners of America filed a lawsuit on behalf of several Pennsylvania residents. A 1996 state supreme court decision prevents cities and counties from passing gun-control measures.

On Monday, Common Pleas Judge Joshua Roberts agreed with the plaintiffs and ordered the city “permanently enjoined” from enforcing the mayor’s order following the legal challenge.

Andrew Austin, the attorney representing the plaintiffs, said, “For my part, I am gratified that the Court of Common Pleas was able to so quickly resolve this suit, but that was in large part because the law is so explicit: The City is not allowed to regulate possession of firearms in any manner.”

The attorney accused the mayor and city officials of intentionally wasting time and taxpayer money on a “feel-good” measure. “This was nothing more than a press release, and would not have — in any way — addressed the crisis of crime in our City,” stated Austin.

Kevin Lessard, a spokesperson for the mayor, noted that the mayor’s office is reviewing the judge’s decision. He expressed disappointment in the ruling and said it “prevents city employees from making the reasonable request that anyone with a firearm or deadly weapon leave a recreation facility.”

“The mayor’s executive order was intended to prevent the senseless violence that is interfering with the safety of children, families and staff in what must be safe places,” Lessard continued.

Judge Roberts stated that his ruling was based “purely on legal questions.” However, he also quoted two dissenting opinions from the 1996 state supreme court decision, implying the case should be revisited.

The judge quoted then-state supreme court Justice Russell Nigro’s dissenting opinion in Ortiz v. Commonwealth. He stated, “it is fundamentally essential that the local government enact legislation to protect its citizens whenever the state legislature is unable or unwilling to do so.”

Judge Roberts also quoted Commonwealth Court President Judge Emerita Bonnie Brigance Leadbetter, who wrote that the “overwhelming blight of gun violence” in the city “may well justify more severe restrictions than are necessary statewide.”

The judge noted that he “shares, echoes, and amplifies the sentiments” in the two quoted opinions.

Hurricane Ian death toll rises to 100 as rescue and cleanup efforts continue


The death toll for Hurricane Ian rose to 100 Monday as rescue efforts continue in the aftermath of the storm.

Florida officials have reported 96 deaths, and four more people were reported dead in North Carolina, NBC News reports. Most of the Florida deaths were in Lee County, where tragically, 54 people were confirmed dead after Ian made landfall as a Category 4 storm at Fort Myers and Sanibel Island last Wednesday.

Lee County officials have faced criticism for acting too slowly ahead of the hurricane’s landfall. An evacuation order for the Fort Myers area was not put into effect until last Tuesday, but Florida’s chief emergency administrator pushed back against critics who say delayed evacuations caused deaths.

“I believe Lee County and their administration …. made the best decision they felt was right for their community at that time,” Florida Division of Emergency Management director Kevin Guthrie told reporters on Monday. “And I will never second-guess a local emergency manager on their decision.”

Though other Florida counties had issued evacuation orders before Lee County, Guthrie and other officials have defended the emergency response, arguing evacuations were ordered based on where the storm was projected to make landfall at the time.

“Emergency management directors do not have a crystal ball,” Guthrie said. “They made the best decision on the information they had at the time.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) has likewise said local officials were making decisions based on what was known about the storm at the time.

“The were following the data,” DeSantis said at a press conference on Saturday.

“And you remember, people were looking initially at the Panhandle on Sunday, then Monday came and people were thinking maybe north of Tampa Bay. When we went to bed Monday night, people were saying this is a direct hit on Tampa Bay, worst-case scenario for the state,” he continued. “As that track started to shift south, and the computer models, the next morning they called for the evacuation, they opened their shelters, and they responded very quickly to the data.”

By Monday evening, DeSantis was calling on reporters to focus on the rescue effort rather than potential mistakes that were made before Ian devastated Florida’s southwest coast. Hundreds of thousands of state residents remain without power, and that’s if their homes are still standing at all.

There are still 417,896 homes and businesses without power as of Tuesday, according to Officials expect power to be fully restored by Sunday where “infrastructure is still standing.”

An update from DeSantis’ press office said the governor and first lady Casey DeSantis are traveling to areas impacted by the hurricane and meeting with survivors.

“There are currently 42,000 linemen responding to the more than 428,000 reported power outages. They have already restored power to more than 2.2 million accounts across the state. There are currently 11 fueling depot stations open statewide, and a mobile fuel truck has been deployed to Arcadia to support residents without access to fuel,” the release said.

First Lady Casey DeSantis announced the Florida Disaster Relief Fund has raised more than $26 million to support recovery efforts.

Many roads and bridges remain out of service due to flooding, the director of the Florida Highway Patrol told reporters Monday.

“If you don’t need to be on the roadways, don’t be on the roadways,” director Col. Gene Spaulding advised residents.

“We still have several roadways that are under water. Keep in mind that just because the water recedes don’t necessarily mean the roadway is safe to travel on. There is high likelihood of washouts under the asphalt, under the roadways. So please don’t try to drive around barricades,” he added.

Study: Support for defunding the police a ‘luxury belief’ held by white Democrats gripped by ‘collective shame’


A report published last month by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research indicated that even in areas rife with high levels of violent crime, white Democrats are more likely than their nonwhite ideological peers to support defunding the police. The author attributes white leftists’ advocacy for policies that not only adversely impact minority communities but even themselves in part to “unique group-based moral pressures, including collective moral shame and guilt.”

The study

Amid the 2020 George Floyd riots, there were repeated calls to defund or abolish the police. These calls predominantly came from self-identified Democrats. A 2020 Cooperative Election Survey indicated that over one-third of Democrats (35.4%) wanted their state legislatures to reduce spending on law enforcement. Even more Democrats (53.6%) expressed support for reducing the number of police on the streets by 10%. This support was articulated despite skyrocketing rates of violent crime across the United States.

While some ascribed the tendency of certain Democrats to “sanctimoniously” support reductions in crime-fighting measures to “limousine liberalism,” whereby the rich and affluential peddle progressive policies that do not ultimately affect themselves, others posited there may be another explanation behind their support, particularly when they do indeed personally reap the consequences of the resultant spikes in crime.

In this report, Paulson policy analyst Zach Goldberg sought to use empirical data to test Rob Henderson’s “luxury beliefs” thesis.

Henderson defined luxury beliefs as “ideas and opinions that confer [social] status on the rich at very little cost, while taking a toll on the lower class.” Whereas in previous eras, wealth tended to be exhibited with physical status symbols, nowadays, with trendy material goods having been diminished in perceived value owing to their ubiquity, luxury beliefs have “arisen as a new status symbol.”

As Goldberg channeled Henderson in saying: “Support for defunding the police is an example of a luxury belief that the socioeconomically advantaged adopt as a means of signaling membership in a higher or ‘enlightened’ social class.”

Since rich and affluent leftists have more resources and enjoy “relative insulation from crime,” they are not harmed by their beliefs, “‘and if they are, the damage they incur is not as severe.'”

Goldberg noted that this evolution in what others have called “virtue signaling” and the theory around it comport with earlier theoretical frameworks such as Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs.”

The findings

Goldberg observed that “greater household income is found to significantly increase the odds of supporting defunding and depolicing policies — though these relationships are substantially confounded by educational attainment.”

White and Asian Democrats, who score highest on all available indicators of socioeconomic status, are far more likely than black and Hispanic Democrats to support these policies.

One might suspect that these leftist racial groupings have the requisite status to advance such luxury beliefs, yet Goldberg noted even more significant a bearing on an individual’s likelihood to support these policies is “ideological self-identification.” White and Asian Democrats are far more likely than blacks and Hispanics to identify as liberal.

When Democrat racial groups are matched on socioeconomic and demographic variables, the difference in levels of support for the policies between “Asian vs. black and Hispanic Democrats nearly vanishes.” However, white Democrats remain an outlier.

In areas plagued by high rates of violent crime, support levels for defunding the police drop for all racial groups except for white Democrats, irrespective of socioeconomic status. “White Democrats in zip codes and counties with the highest relative levels of violent crime are actually more likely to support these policies.”

Goldberg accounted for the possibility that “local residential segregation,” whereby white Democrats may have geographically or structurally isolated themselves from the consequences of the polices for which they advocate, may account for their unaffected support.

He noted, “The data demonstrate little to no evidence for this theory.”

Goldberg cautioned against ruling out the possibility that residential segregation (i.e., ” limousine liberalism”) is a factor, stating that the “most that can be said is that the relationship is not clearly manifest in the present data.” He stated that white Democrats who advocate for depolicing and defunding in high-crime areas may be “socioeconomically better off than their nonwhite counterparts in ways that are not captured by conventional measures of family income, education, and stock and home ownership.”

The reason for this committed stance by white ideologues, suggested Goldberg, was, in part, the influence of “unique group-based moral pressures, including collective moral shame and guilt.”

“Collective shame,” although linked to guilt, “is a more ingroup-focused emotion that relates to a global negative description (e.g., ‘racist’) of an ingroup’s moral character or to the perception that an ingroup is a serial violator of important moral values.”

This emotional, moral pressure, which feeds into a “white savior” moral ideology, may be what has prompted so many white Democrats, specifically, to “support equity-oriented pro-black policies, such as affirmative action, reparations, and race-based government assistance.”

Goldberg distinguished between guilt and shame, indicating that while the former is self-focused and motivated by a need for personal psychological relief, the latter is “further reaching and more enduring because the moral ‘mission’ isn’t complete until white America’s racist character … is fully corrected or neutralized.” That is to say, the shame factor displaces personal blame and externalizes the ideologue’s focus.

Accordingly, white Democrats, so influenced, are pressured to “constrain the expression of self-interested policing policy preferences while promoting those that are perceived to protect people of color from institutional racism.” When threats to self-interest and personal safety increase, so do the pressures to support defunding and depolicing.

This is not true of nonwhite Democrats, who “do not confront the same group-based moral pressures.”

As violent crime levels increase, “the positive effects of racial liberalism on support for defunding and depolicing become … weaker for nonwhite Democrats.”

Luxury beliefs and their consequences

Regardless of whether white Democrats are attempting to signal their virtue to their peers or to themselves, the policies they advocate for “disproportionately harm the socioeconomically disadvantaged, many of whom are ‘persons of color.'”

In December 2021, the Wall Street Journal reported by “pretending that the police are a bigger threat to society than the criminals, progressive policies are making the country demonstrably less safe than it’s been in decades.”

Republican Sen. John Thune (S.D.) noted last summer that crime rates had “surged since ‘defund the police’ became a rallying cry.”

Thune said, “It’s no coincidence that cities that have slashed their police budgets have seen huge increases in violence. As of the end of May, Portland, Oregon, was on track to exceed 1,000 shootings for this year. In the first 14 weeks of 2021, New York City shootings were up 81 percent.”

After the Los Angeles Unified School District voted in February 2021 to cut the number of school police officers by roughly 40%, crime skyrocketed. There were 108 assaults between August and October. Sixteen students were hospitalized and 44 weapons were recovered. Several teachers were injured.

Despite claims that defunding would serve black students, it just permitted criminals to victimize more black children.

The Los Angeles Police Department had its budget cut by $150 million in July 2020. Homicide went up 26.5% that year, 44.9% over 2019. Aggravated assault climbed by 12.8%.

In Democrat-run Seattle, where leftists “envisioned a world without police,” the city council cut police funding in 2020 by nearly 20%. That year murders went up in the city by 48.57%, a 26-year high.

Despite protests from Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, the Democrat-run Austin City Council cut its police budget. Austin’s murder rate in 2020 hit a 10-year high.

Democrat-run New York City, which cut its police budget by over $1 billion, saw a 41% spike in homicides in 2020.

Some anti-police activists had to reverse their stances upon seeing the negative effects of their policies. That was the case of defund advocate and Democrat Mayor Libby Schaaf, who changed tack after overseeing a spate of murders and a massive spike in violent crimes in Oakland, California.

As the defund-the-police movement began to take its toll in 2020, Kevin Brock, former assistant director for the FBI’s Office of Intelligence, wrote in The Hill that “efforts to defund the police are truly racist policies, in implementation and in impact. Affluent communities will not feel the effects of reduced policing.”

Then observing the result Goldberg referenced in his recent report, Brock noted, “Poorer communities already are reeling from higher crime that has gone unchecked — in some cases, by design, it seems — by politicians who want to restrict police actions.”

Pro-trans group in Virginia attempts to crowdsource for ‘outed and in-crisis’ kids, help them rehome with ‘Queer friendly adult’: Report


A pro-“LGBTQIA+ rights” group in Virginia has allegedly begun to crowdsource funding for students “who need to leave their home” because their parents or guardians do not support their so-called gender identity.

Late last month, the group known as the Pride Liberation Project made its most pronounced statement yet, convincing thousands of Virginia students to participate in orchestrated “walkouts” to protest the draft of a new state policy that would compel students to use restrooms and play on sports teams that correspond with their biological sex and forbid schools from concealing students’ preferred names and pronouns from their parents.

Now, according to a report from the Daily Wire, such walkouts were only part of PLP’s outreach strategy. The group has also begun to offer financial assistance — and in some cases, even alternative housing options — for “outed and in-crisis students.”

The Daily Wire claims to have accessed a video of a private Zoom call and at least part of the PLP in-house messaging system, both of which seem to indicate that the group intends to raise money that it can then allocate to LGBTQ students individually.

“We’re creating this channel as a way for everyone to understand the mutual aid and support resources the PLP has available for outed and in-crisis students,” a user named aaryan reportedly posted back in July in a messaging channel entitled #resources-for-outed-students!.

Aaryan further explained that the group can afford to give such students “a couple of hundred dollars immediately” via “Venmo or Zelle.” However, he added that the group can also create an ActBlue fundraising page for individuals so that “allies” can donate to support them. Such pages in the past have collected “thousands” and “[a]ll of this money is yours,” the post claimed, likely addressing such hypothetical students themselves.

ActBlue is an online fundraising platform for Democratic candidates and causes, and the Daily Wire asserted that PLP user aaryan is Aaryan Rawal, a college-age adult who once worked for a Virginia Democratic politician.

Rawal, who reportedly created the PLP #resources channel, also pledged to help LGBTQ students find “emergency housing” in an “affirming home.” In other words, Rawal seems to be offering to separate kids from their parents or legal guardians.

“In the event you needing to leave your home, we can provide you with emergency housing from a supportive, Queer friendly adult,” Rawal reportedly wrote.

“[W]e will work with other supportive adult organizations in the region to find you someone who can provide you a kind and affirming home,” the message continued. However, the message also warned potential recipients that their new “Queer friendly” home would likely be “white.”

David Gordon of the Virginia Project, a conservative group, expressed horror at these PLP revelations.

“It is irresponsible and reckless to the extreme to be doing this with other people’s kids,” Gordon said, according to DW. “The way this operation works is nearly identical to sex trafficking.

“This could never be underwritten by any insurer,” Gordon continued. “The chance of one of these kids ending up being sexually abused is almost certain.”