Chairman of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission ‘pretty convinced’ pandemic’s origin from ‘US lab biotechnology,’ suggests governments aren’t investigating because even more ‘dangerous research underway right now’


The chairman of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission has come forward to say that he is “pretty convinced” that the pandemic’s origin is from “U.S. lab biotechnology.” He also warns that even more dangerous research is happening right now – which could be why governments don’t seem to be interested in investigating the origins of COVID-19.

Jeffrey Sachs is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University, the President of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, award-winner of the 2015 Blue Planet Prize, a best-selling author, and a Chairman of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission.

In November 2020, Sachs assembled a task force for the prestigious medical journal to determine the origins of COVID-19. He hand-selected Dr. Peter Daszak – the president of EcoHealth Alliance – to be the chairman of the task force. However, Daszak would recuse himself from the investigation in June 2021, following accusations of a conflict of interest.

Daszak had deep ties with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and funneled hundreds of thousands of National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding to the Chinese lab. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Daszak has vehemently argued that COVID-19 is a zoonotic disease that jumped from animals to humans. Furthermore, he vociferously argued that suggesting that COVID-19 originated from a lab leak is a baseless conspiracy theory.

By September 2021, the task force organized by The Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission was disbanded because of EcoHealth’s conflict-of-interest issues.

Sachs said at the time, “I just didn’t want a task force that was so clearly involved with one of the main issues of this whole search for the origins, which was EcoHealth Alliance.”

Last week, Sachs told Current Affairs that he appointed Daszak to the task force dedicated to discovering the origins of COVID-19 because he said to himself, “Well, here’s a guy who is so connected, he would know.”

Sachs added, “And then I realized he was not telling me the truth. And it took me some months, but the more I saw it, the more I resented it.”

Sachs revealed that he disbanded the task force because other members were “part of this thing.”

He noted that the NIH had been hiding documents from the public – which were later revealed by a Freedom of Information Act request. Emails exposed by a FOIA request revealed that officials with the NIH and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) were concerned that EcoHealth could be conducting gain-of-function experiments at the Wuhan lab.

Sachs noted that Daszak should have informed him that EcoHealth Alliance was “manipulating the viruses.”

Sachs said that he requested a research proposal from Daszak, but the EcoHealth head allegedly balked, “No, my lawyer says I can’t give it to you.”

A video went viral last month featuring Sachs proclaiming that “after two years of intensive work,” he is “pretty convinced” that COVID-19 originated from “U.S. lab biotechnology, not out of nature.”

“So it’s a blunder in my view of biotech, not an accident of a natural spillover,” he said. “We don’t know for sure, I should be absolutely clear.”

Sachs noted, “But there’s enough evidence that it should be looked into. And it’s not being investigated, not in the United States, not anywhere. And I think for real reasons that they don’t want to look underneath the rug.”

In the interview with Current Affairs editor Nathan Robinson, Sachs suggested that scientists were “creating a narrative” of COVID’s origins early in the pandemic by collectively claiming that COVID-19 naturally originated from the Wuhan wet market without definitive evidence.

Sachs asked, “Did we find an animal? No. Do we have an explanation of where that furin cleavage site came in? No. We don’t have an explanation of the timing, which doesn’t quite look right.”

He accused health officials and the media of pulling a “kind of misdirection” since February 2020.

Sachs believes the laboratory hypothesis is “very plausible.”

“The alternative that is the right one to look at is part of a very extensive research program that was underway from 2015 onward, funded by the NIH, by Tony Fauci, in particular NIAID, and it was to examine the spillover potential of SARS-like viruses,” Sachs told Robinson.

Sachs suggested COVID-19 may have come from gain-of-function research, “There was a lot of research underway in the United States and China on taking SARS-like viruses, manipulating them in the laboratory, and creating potentially far more dangerous viruses.”

“We know that at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the scientists there had been trained by American scientists to use advanced bioengineering methodologies,” Sachs explained. “And in particular, we have scientists in North Carolina, Texas, and so forth who do this kind of research, believe in it, argue for it, and say that they don’t want any regulations on it and so on. And they were in close contact with Wuhan Institute of Virology, and they were part of a joint research group that was stitched together by something called EcoHealth Alliance.”

Sachs described EcoHealth Alliance as a “vehicle for funding from the U.S. government, especially from the National Institutes of Health, and especially from Tony Fauci’s unit, the NIAID.”

Sachs said Dr. Anthony Fauci and the NIH “haven’t shown us anything” about possible research at the Wuhan lab.

“So you saw a narrative being created,” he continued. “And the scientists are not acting like scientists. Because when you’re acting like a scientist, you’re pursuing alternative hypotheses.”

Robinson asked Sachs why governments aren’t vigorously investigating the origins of a disease that has killed more than 6.4 million people in less than three years.

Sachs responded, “There are at least two reasons why they might be doing what they’re doing. One is, as you say, the implications are huge. Imagine if this came out of a lab. And we have, by some estimates, about 18 million dead worldwide from this. That’s not the official count. But that’s the estimated excess mortality from COVID. Well, the implications of that–the ethical, the moral, the geopolitical–everything is enormous.”

The chairman of The Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission added, “But there’s a second matter that is really important, too. One thing that is rather clear to me is that there is so much dangerous research underway right now under the umbrella of biodefense or other things that we don’t know about, that is not being properly controlled.”

He suggested that governments could be saying, “Don’t poke your nose into that.”

On Saturday, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) said, “The fact that virtually no one in Washington DC wants to investigate the origins of COVID-19 should tell you all you need to know about the origins of COVID-19.”

Video: NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson delivers rousing speech at CPAC calling for conservatives to save America from ‘socialist horde that is trying to drag it down into the pit of hell’


North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R) delivered a stirring speech on Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Robinson began his speech at CPAC Texas 2022 by giving thanks to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then Robinson explained how he had overcome the adversity of being a poor black kid from Greensboro with an alcoholic father who passed away when he was 12 years old.

“Every strike that the left says I have – poor black with a widowed mom living on the wrong side of the tracks,” Robinson proudly announced. “But that poor black kid from the wrong side of the tracks was sitting on the 27th floor of this hotel overlooking the Dallas skyline as the first black lieutenant governor of North Carolina.”

“America is still the greatest nation on Earth,” Robinson proclaimed. “And I don’t care what these communists say. I don’t care what the socialists say. I don’t care what these blue-haired freaks say.”

“This is the greatest nation on Earth, and it’s all because of God,” Robinson declared. “He’s the one that made it all impossible. So we give him thanks.”

Robinson told the story of Civil War legend Army Maj. Gen. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain – the Medal of Honor recipient who defended the Little Round Top hill for the Union against the Confederates during the Battle of Gettysburg.

Robinson compared everyday conservative Americans to Chamberlain’s soldiers of the 20th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry that defended Little Round Top.

The North Carolina lieutenant governor implored conservative Americans to fight back against the agenda of Democrats.

“They’re coming up the hill followed by a whole raft of socialist nitwits, who believe that a baby in the womb is a clump of cells and do not honor life in the womb,” he said. “They believe that you should not have a firearm to protect yourself, but you should pay for them to have firearms to protect them.”

“They don’t believe that your children should be educated, they believe that they shouldn’t be indoctrinated,” he continued. “They dragging up that hill all types of things: CRT, transgenderism, this idea of birthing people – who in the world came up with that garbage?”

“They dragging up this socialist idea that criminals should not be punished, that they should be allowed to run rampant,” Robinson said. “That our borders should be wide open, that our police should be doing not demonized, that our veterans should be dishonored.”

“See those folks that are coming up that hill? There’s a word for them – they’re called ‘socialists.’ They’re called ‘communists,'” Robinson trumpeted. “I just prefer to call them ‘idiots.'”

Robinson lambasted mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations that are required to “keep your job, open your business, or go to church.”

The outspoken Republican emphasized that conservative Americans are cut from the same cloth as Chamberlain and his 20th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry.

“We did not come from a weak, ineffective jelly back people that when trouble happens, we find a safe space, and try to find a counselor to talk about it,” Robinson exclaimed.

“Americans stand up and fight for what they believe in and will put their lives on the line for what they believe in,” he added. “They will put their money where their mouth is.”

“And when the times get tough,” Robinson bellowed. “You had best believe that Americans get going, just like they did on Little Round Top. They don’t lay down, they don’t back up, they don’t quit. They stand up with everything in them and they push forward.”

Robinson advocated, “In November, we have got to stand on that hill, and we have got to declare to America that conservative principles win today and conservative principles work.”

He called for conservatives to talk to their families, neighbors, and friends to spread the “good story about what conservatism does.”

“We can’t be the silent majority anymore,” Robinson demanded. “Silence never did anything in this nation. Imagine if the founders had been silent. Imagine if the abolitionists had been silent.”

Robinson declared that he is “not scared of the news media.”

He said that networks such as ABC, CBS, and NBC “don’t have the answers cause they don’t even know what the question is.”

“I came here today to encourage you to stand up and be the king and queens that you need to be,” Robinson announced. “To study your Bible, read your Constitution, and carry those truths into the political arena so that we can save this nation from the socialist horde that is trying to drag it down into the pit of hell.”

“It is going to be up to you. You must be the leader,” he stated. “You must be the ones to save this nation.”

“In all the calamities, who saved it? It was the ordinary American who stood up and did extraordinary things,” he added. “It is time for you to stand up and do extraordinary things.”

“And so I say to you standing on this stage right now: read your Bible, believe in God, read your Constitution, hold them dear to your hearts,” he continued.

“Let’s sweep this socialist horde off of this blessed land we call the shining city on the hill, the United States of America,” Robinson concluded.

You can watch Mark Robinson’s entire CPAC Texas 2022 speech below.

Robinson is beginning to garner a reputation for delivering rousing, run through a brick wall speeches.

In August of last year, Robinson presented a passionate sermon about the transgender agenda.

“You ain’t changed what God put in you – that DNA,” Robinson preached. “You can’t transcend God’s creation. I don’t care how hard you try.”

In February at the CPAC event in Orlando, Florida, Robinson called on conservatives to not allow left-leaning legacy media to define them.

He also touched on abortion, the Second Amendment, critical race theory in public schools, and socialism.

“So my fine leftist socialist friends, don’t be surprised with all of your machinations fail,” Robinson warned. “Do not be surprised when your attempts to subvert our votes fail. Don’t be surprised when your attempts to place mandates and demands through this virus fail.”

“Don’t be surprised with all of your efforts to indoctrinate the minds of our children fail,” he articulated. “Don’t be surprised when you look around and you see the flag still flying, and you see patriots still standing, and you see the Constitution still is the law of our land, and you see America still free and prosperous. Do not be surprised because the patriots of this nation are going to stand up, lean forward and fight back and win. And we’re going to do it right in your face whether you like it or not.”

Lt. Gov Mark Robinson (R-NC) Full Speech at CPAC 2022 in Orlando

Georgia couple arrested for allegedly using adopted children to make child porn


A Georgia couple have been arrested for using their two adopted children to make child porn, according to police.

Around 4 p.m. on July 27, detectives with the Criminal Investigation Division of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office raided a home in Loganville – a town about 35 miles northeast of Atlanta. The officers had received tips that a man at the residence was downloading child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and obtained a search warrant.

“During the subsequent interview with the suspect, it was discovered that he was, in fact, receiving/collecting CSAM and that a secondary suspect lived in Walton County,” the Walton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. “Detectives were told that this secondary suspect was producing homemade child sexual abuse material with at least one child who lived in the home with the perpetrator.”

At approximately 11:30 p.m. the next day, police officers executed a search warrant at a home in the nearby town of Oxford.

During the search of the home, police officers discovered that the two adult males who lived at the residence were “engaging in sexually abusive acts and video documenting this abuse,” according to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. The two men allegedly used their two adopted children to make child porn.

William Dale Zulock, 32, and Zachary Jacoby Zulock, 35, were arrested. The couple were booked at the Walton County Jail and charged with aggravated child molestation, sexual exploitation of children, and enticing a child for indecent purposes, according to WSB-TV. Zulock was reportedly also charged with child molestation.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office were able to identify the young victims with assistance from the Walton County school district.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations provided operational support and analytics for this case, officials said.

Authorities said the victims are “now safe” after the Walton County Division of Family & Children Services (DFCS) took the young boys into care.

Deputies say their investigation is ongoing.

Sens. Sanders, Warren Set To Give Billionaires Free Pass After Years Of Knocking Tax Loopholes


After the repeal of the carried interest tax provision that targeted billionaires, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, both independents, will vote on the Inflation Reduction Act.
According to Democrats, the social spending and tax measures — which are largely reduced from the original $3 trillion-plus “Build back Better” bill — would spend $433 billion and raise $739 billion in revenues. After Sen. Kyrsten Silena (D-Ariz.) lobbied for the removal of the provision in her agreement to support the bill, it is expected that the bill will quickly pass the Senate.

Both Warren and Sanders are likely to vote for the legislation, which was announced last week by West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Lead Chuck Schumer. However, both progressive senators have consistently criticized tax loopholes that wealthy Americans use over the years, including the carried-interest loophole.

Sanders and Warren cosponsored the Carried Interest Fairness Act in 2015 with six other senators. This bill would have close the loophole of carried interest.

In September last year, Sanders, during ongoing negotiations over the budget reconciliation bill claimed that the measure would “end tax loopholes, evasions, and other tax loopholes” that billionaires use.

“Let’s be as clear and concise as possible. The budget reconciliation bill has been PAYED FOR. How is that possible? “We will end the tax loopholes, evasions and deceptions perpetrated by the billionaire class in this country,” Sanders tweeted. They will finally pay their fair share.”

Sanders spoke out about America’s “rigged tax code” and attacked wealthy Americans for not paying enough tax.

Sanders made a tweet in 2018 slamming President Donald Trump. He claimed that Trump failed to fulfill his campaign promise to close the “egregious carry interest loophole” and that his “disgraceful tax law did not address it.”

Warren, echoing many of Sanders’ views, has made a name herself when it comes calling out wealthy Americans such as Elon Musk and corporations such as Amazon.

Warren claimed in a 2017 Twitter that “real tax reform would close down loopholes for rich [and] put working family first.”

Fox News Digital reached out Sanders and Warren to find out if they plan to vote for the measure, but did not get a reply from either office.

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‘You’re not a freedom fighter because you want to keep eating donuts’: Bill Maher warns that fat acceptance is exacerbating America’s obesity epidemic and ‘rewriting science to fit ideology’


Bill Maher warned that fat acceptance is toxic and is only exacerbating America’s obesity epidemic.

In the latest episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the HBO host blamed the current culture of body positivity for celebrating unhealthy obesity.

“There’s a disturbing trend going on in America these days: rewriting science to fit ideology or just to fit what you want reality to be,” Maher declared.

“We’ve gone from ‘fat acceptance’ to ‘fat celebration.’ That’s new,” he added.

“To view letting yourself go as a point of pride? We used to at least try and be fit and healthy, and society praised those who succeeded,” Maher noted.

“Now the term body positivity is used to mean ‘I’m perfect the way I am because I’m me,'” the liberal talk show said. “It’s Orwellian how often positivity is used to describe what’s not healthy.”

Maher rhetorically asked, “Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen a fat 90-year-old?”

He noted that the term “healthy at any weight” is an “unchallenged lie that people tell themselves so they can go on eating whatever they want.”

Maher labeled the obesity epidemic as a “full-blown catastrophe.”

Maher cited a 2019 article from the New York Times titled “Our Food is Killing Too Many of Us” that stated, ” Poor diet is the leading cause of mortality in the United States, causing more than half a million deaths per year.”

He pointed out that obese people had “horrible” outcomes during the COVID pandemic because of weakened immune systems.

“‘It’s literally a national security issue now,” Maher said on Friday night. “Military recruitment is down by the most since the end of the draft, because, mainly, 17 to 24-year-olds are too fat to fight.”

Maher blasted allies and supporters of the fat celebration movement, “You can make believe you’re fighting some great social justice battle for a besieged minority, but what you’re really doing is enabling addicts – which I thought we decided was bad.”

He continued, “Companies like Nike, Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret, companies that are specifically about fitness, nevertheless promote people who are plainly not into fitness.”

Maher referenced how singer Adele was attacked for losing weight, and some people accused her of “fat-shaming.”

Maher lampooned cards created by a body positivity website that are to be used during a doctor visit. The cards read: “Please don’t weigh me unless it’s (really) medically necessary. If you really need my weight, please tell me why so that I can give you my informed consent.”

Maher slammed body positivity advocates, “You’re not a freedom fighter because you want to keep eating donuts.”

“Somehow 50 years ago, this country looked entirely different,” he said, and then joked, “You don’t think it was a struggle for them? You think cake wasn’t delicious in 1969?”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “From 1999 -2000 through 2017 -March 2020, U.S. obesity prevalence increased from 30.5% to 41.9%. During the same time, the prevalence of severe obesity increased from 4.7% to 9.2%.”

The CDC stated, “The estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the United States was nearly $173 billion in 2019 dollars. Medical costs for adults who had obesity were $1,861 higher than medical costs for people with healthy weight.”

New Rule: Fat Acceptance | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Former Nickelodeon star Jenette McCurdy says children’s cable network offered $300,000 in ‘hush money’ not to reveal offers of unwanted massages and underage alcohol


Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy claimed that the children’s cable TV network offered her $300,000 in “hush money” so that she would not go public with damning accusations.

McCurdy was a Nickelodeon standout actress from 2007 until 2014 – when she was the star of the massively successful “iCarly” TV show and then “Sam & Cat.” During that time, McCurdy said that she was the victim of an alleged abuser that she only refers to as “The Creator.”

McCurdy asserted that “The Creator” pressured her to drink alcohol when she was only 18 years old.

In her upcoming memoir, McCurdy wrote that “The Creator” was “mean-spirited, controlling, and terrifying” and prone to make “grown men and women cry with his insults and degradation,” according to Deadline.

McCurdy accused “The Creator” of giving unsolicited and inappropriate shoulder massages.

“My shoulders do have a lot of knots in them, but I don’t want The Creator to be the one rubbing them out,” she wrote. “I want to say something, to tell him to stop, but I’m so scared of offending him.”

She also claimed that she was “photographed in a bikini during a wardrobe fitting.”

The childhood actress accused Nickelodeon of offering her $300,000 in “hush money.”

When “Sam & Cat” was canceled, her agent informed her that Nickelodeon was “offering [her] $300,000, which she should “think of it like a thank-you gift.”

She said one of her managers told her, “They’re giving you $300,000 and the only thing they want you to do is never talk publicly about your experience at Nickelodeon.”

McCurdy claimed that the “hush money” was “specifically related to The Creator.”

The actress who played the character Sam Puckett on “iCarly” rejected the offer despite her team contending that it was “free money.” McCurdy fired back, “No it’s not. This isn’t free money. This feels to me like hush money…I’m not taking hush money.”

“What the f**k? Nickelodeon is offering me $300,000 in hush money to not talk publicly about my experience on the show? My personal experience of The Creator’s abuse? This is a network with shows made for children,” McCurdy stated in her book. “Shouldn’t they have some sort of moral compass? Shouldn’t they at least try to report to some sort of ethical standard?”

“I lean back against the headboard of my bed and cross my legs out in front of me,” she added. “I extend my arms behind my head and rest them there in a gesture of pride. Who else would have the moral strength? I just turned down $300,000.”

Dan Schneider was the award-winning producer of “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat.”

After 20 years, Nickelodeon and Schneider parted ways in 2018 despite him producing some of Nickelodeon’s most beloved TV shows.

Deadline reported last year, “At the time, Nickelodeon was the highest-rated network on basic cable, and Schneider was the most successful producer in children’s television, with a resume that included the creation and production of such hit shows as ‘iCarly,’ ‘Drake & Josh,’ ‘Victorious,’ ‘Kenan & Kel,’ and ‘Henry Danger.'”

The New York Times interviewed Schneider in 2021, and asked him about allegations that he sexualized child actors.

Schneider denied ever sexualizing child actors and called the accusations “ridiculous.”

“The comedy was totally innocent,” Schneider told the New York Times.

“I couldn’t, and I wouldn’t have the long-term friendships and continued loyalty from so many reputable people if I’d mistreated my actors of any age, especially minors,” Schneider told the newspaper.

An investigation of workplace abuse allegations against Schneider by Nickelodeon’s parent company, ViacomCBS, found that there was never any sexual misconduct.

In her new book, McCurdy also claimed that she was exploited – including by her own mother.

“My whole childhood and adolescence were very exploited,” McCurdy told the New York Times. “There were cases where people had the best intentions and maybe didn’t know what they were doing. And also cases where they did — they knew exactly what they were doing.”

McCurdy, 30, said that her mother “failed to protect her” when she was a child.

When McCurdy informed her mother that she was being exploited, Debra McCurdy allegedly replied that this “was the price of showbiz success.”

“Everyone wants what you have,” the mother allegedly told her daughter.

The Nickelodeon star had a tumultuous relationship with her mother. McCurdy’s book is titled “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”

Debra McCurdy died of breast cancer on Sept. 20, 2013.

Rachel Levine gets SKEWERED for suggesting ‘gender affirmation treatments’ somehow ’empower’ youth


A video clip has gone viral of U.S. Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine calling for laws to “support and empower” youths by not limiting their “participation in activities or sports” or “their ability to get gender affirmation treatment” in their state.

Levine was speaking in opposition to states such as Florida that have taken steps to limit “transgender care” for children. Early treatments for children include puberty blockers and hormones, some of which were flagged by the FDA last month because of a “plausible” link to a serious brain disorder called “pseudotumor cerebri.”

Reactions on Twitter were so irate that we can’t share the vast majority of them here, so here’s a sample of the more mild responses:

On “Pat Gray Unleashed,” BlazeTV host Pat Gray discussed Levine’s dangerous argument for gender reassignment treatments for children, Texas oil exports, Vice President Kamala Harris sharing “unbelievable campfire stories,” and more.

Watch the full episode below. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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Jennette McCurdy Was Offered $300,000 in Hush Money, Pressured to Drink Alcohol as Child Star at Nickelodeon


Jennette McCurdy, a Nickelodeon actress well-known for her roles on “iCarly” and “Sam & Cat”, claims that she was offered hush money and drink alcohol as a child star.

In her memoir, “I’m glad my mother died”, she writes that someone took a picture of her in a bikini at a wardrobe fitting. She called the person who took the photo “Creator.” This photographer pressured her to drink alcohol when she was a teenager and an actress on Nickelodeon, as well as massaging her at work.

i’m so excited for my book to come out lol

— Jennette McCurdy (@jennettemccurdy) July 24, 2022

McCurdy’s mom Debra, who passed away in 2013, stated that such things are just the result of fame.

McCurdy stated this to the New York Times

“My entire childhood and adolescence were very exploited”.

Ariana Grande was the star of “Sam & Cat”. She was able to do other acting jobs while filming but McCurdy criticized Nickolodean’s double standard. McCurdy claimed she was prevented by the network from performing other roles.

McCurdy pointed out that Nickolodeon did not want McCurdy speaking publicly about her time on the channel. McCurdy claimed that she was offered $300,000.00 in hush money to keep her quiet about what actually happened.

McCurdy wrote in her book:

“What finally undid me was when Ariana came whistle-toning in with excitement because she had spent the previous evening playing charades at Tom Hanks’s house … That was the moment I broke.”

McCurdy also described how her mother controlled her career and caused her anxiety. In an audition, she recalls, she was told to cry. McCurdy said:

“I’m sitting in the waiting room mustering up all my sadness when something shifts in me. It feels strange.”

Her audition did not work out the way she wanted to. She told Debra that she did not want to continue acting. But her mother made McCurdy feel guilty about wanting to leave, and she continued acting.

During her time at “iCarly,” McCurdy says her relationship with Debra began to soften.

“I jump into Mom’s arms. She squeezes me. I’m elated … Everything’s going to be different now. Everything’s going to be better. Mom will finally be happy. Her dream has come true.”

Even in the show itself, McCurdy (Sam) never had a warm relationship with her mother until late in the “iCarly” episodes.

We previously reported that Hollywood’s problem with pedophilia was being ignored. She also mentioned Nickolodean’s Dan Schneider and his quiet departure.

The EXPLOSIVE claim from writer @RealKiraDavis about former Nickelodeon creative guru Dan Schneider.

— Wade (@wadewire) May 3, 2018

Although it is possible you may not know this, Dan Schneider is the creator and founder of “iCarly.” McCurdy called Schneider the “Creator” photographer, which could mean McCurdy was referring specifically to Schneider.

Hollywood isn’t magical land where everything is perfect. It is a place where people are treated with respect. There are many stories of people who spoke out and those who didn’t fear being abused by their colleagues or producers.

McCurdy was only one example of Hollywood elitists being exploited.

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Poll Shows Democrats Have Begun to Regain Voter Trust on Key Issues


A Morning Consult Poll has shown that voters are beginning to trust Democrats again on certain issues. Democrats are now leading on topics like health care, voting rights, and COVID-19. They also have a greater lead in the “Who do trust?” question on a specific issue.

The poll found that “Congressional Democrats have an average advantage over congressional Republicans of 6 percentage points (45%-39%) when asked by voters who they trust to handle a wide range of 14 issues.” Since early April, the advantage has been steadily increasing since then.

All of the above issues are overrated when you consider inflation and the economy as a whole.

The top concern of the majority of voters this year is the budget. Congress Republicans hold a double-digit trust advantage over inflation (47 % to 36%) and an even smaller edge on the economy overall (46% to 39%). Although trust in Republicans is steady, the percentage of people who trust Democrats to manage inflation and the economy has increased from 30% to 33% after rising prices.

It is a sad fact that once the shock of high costs wears off people learn to live with it, and Democrats’ numbers increase by default.

The poll revealed that only 30% of Democrats consider the economy to be their top concern.

The Hill:

Although Democrats are still behind Republicans on the issue of inflation and the economy, trust in Democrats’ ability has increased since the big drop in prices in mid-June.

According to the poll, 55 percent of Republicans and 30% of Democrats said that the economy is a top topic.

At 25%, the next highest priority for Democrats was women’s issues including abortion and birth control.

However, the president’s approval numbers and the generic ballot have not improved. According to the poll, 59 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance while 39% approve. The gap between approval/disapproval is slightly larger than it was in June before congressional Democrats improved their trust advantage.

Even though the statistical lead for Democrats in the generic ballot is still insignificant, it hasn’t changed much since June.

Since the start of summer, Democrats’ overall picture has improved slightly. It’s not as if there is “Nowhere to go except up”, as Democrats have stated in the past. While they can grab this one straw, it doesn’t change their chances of keeping the Senate or House.

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Charles Payne and others expose hidden problems with ‘booming’ jobs report, Peter Doocy presses White House about disappointing economic statistic


The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the July jobs report on Friday – which massively surpassed expectations. Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 528,000 in July, when it was forecast to add 250,000 jobs.

The Biden administration and left-leaning media basked in the jobs report that appears impressive at first glance.

President Joe Biden said on Friday, “Today’s jobs report shows that the economy added 528,000 jobs in July. More people are working than at any point in American history. That’s no accident, it’s results.”

Vice President Kamala Harris gloated, “This morning’s jobs report shows our economy added 528,000 jobs in July, and the unemployment rate matches the lowest it’s been in more than 50 years. More people are working than ever before. We have more to do, but today’s jobs report shows we are making significant progress.”

However, Charles Payne and others poured cold water on President Biden’s “booming” jobs report.

Payne noticed that “black Americans are sinking in the midst of the jobs boom.”

In July, there were 39,000 fewer black Americans in the labor force and 68,000 fewer black Americans employed.

“I get this stuff is only newsworthy when GOP is in the White House but some care all the time,” he added.

Citing Household Survey Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Payne noted that full-time jobs dropped by 71,000, while part-time jobs increased by 384,000, and people who held multiple jobs rose by 92,000.

The report also found that there were 279,000 fewer people who were self-employed.

Federal Reserve Economic Data revealed that 433,000 Americans are working two full-time jobs – which is an all-time high.

Just The News reported, “This trend of the economy dropping full-time jobs while adding second and part-time jobs has been accelerating since March.”

Many people suggest that the surge in part-time jobs and people getting multiple jobs is because they are facing soaring inflation month after month. In July, inflation hit 9.1% – the highest in more than 40 years.

Despite the Biden administration insisting that the country is not in a recession, key economic statistics suggest otherwise.

According to CNSNews, “The number of Americans not in the labor force – no job and not looking for one – climbed above the 100,000,000 mark again, settling at 100,051,000 in July. That’s a 239,000 increase from June; and it follows an increase of 510,000 from May to June, when the number rose to 99,812,000.”

The BLS announced that real average hourly earnings were down 3.6% year-over-year for June.

Brownstone Institute president Jeffrey A. Tucker said, “We are living through the longest consecutive month-by-month decline in real personal disposable income since 1959, and it is combined with a most recent 16% increase debt service as a percent of that same income stream. Translation: dramatic moves toward personal impoverishment.”

The Wall Street Journal pointed out, “The labor-force participation rate–or the share of adults working or seeking a job – ticked down to 62.1% in July from 62.2% a month earlier.”

“While the economy has recovered all the jobs it lost since February 2020, there are still 623,000 fewer people in the workforce, a factor that has pushed up wages due to a demand for workers that is well above the number of available workers,” the outlet added.

Before the pandemic, the participation rate was 63.4% in February 2020.

The BLS defines the labor force participation rate as “the number of people in the labor force as a percentage of the civilian noninstitutional population,” and “the participation rate is the percentage of the population that is either working or actively looking for work.”

New York Times economic reporter Ben Casselman wrote, “The labor force participation rate actually fell slightly in July, a discouraging sign for those hoping the strong labor market would bring workers off the sidelines. Participation ticked up slightly among prime-age workers, but remains below its May peak.”

Former Federal Reserve insider Danielle DiMartino said, “Warning in the weeds: Labor force participation rate AND wage growth falling most among those who benefited the most from the post-pandemic stimulus spending.”

On Friday, Fox News White House reporter Peter Doocy confronted White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the declining labor participation rate.

Doocy asked, “The labor force participation rate is at its lowest level of the year now. Why do you think that is?”

Jean-Pierre replied, “So, participation actually ticked up.”

Doocy interjected, “It declined 0.1 percentage points to 62.1 percent — the lowest level of the year.”

Jean-Pierre responded, “So it actually ticked up for prime-age workers, when you look at 25 to 54, and for workers 65 and plus. The tick down this month was actually about teenagers. And it’s important to keep in mind that the labor force participation rate has bounced back relatively quickly compared to its pace in the past. So we have seen an uptick in the labor force.”