Take That! Trump Promises Help with New Aid Package

President Trump has had to deal with Joe Biden talking about how he hasn’t done enough to help the people. Forget about the tax stimulus that was o ...Read More

Founder of America’s Exclusive ‘Wine Partnership’

“For the First Time Ever, We’re Opening Our Cellar to Every American… Enjoy These 3 Amazing Malbecs!” A Personal Malbec from Argentina’s Top Winema ...Read More

Atlanta Mayor Mandates Masks Now That She’s Tested Positive

As it is now July, and the novel coronavirus has been found within our borders for at least seven months, it seems odd that some political leaders ...Read More

Ex-NFL Player Exposes Ridiculousness of Black National Anthem with One Short Statement

Football, as we Americans know it, is something entirely, well, American. It is so American, in fact, that when speaking about the popular sport to ...Read More

Pelosi and Her Band of Anti-American Terrorists in the House Secretly Halt Border Funds

The liberal-socialists of the House are at work again trying to secretly deny funding for further securing the southern border. Many Democrats have ...Read More

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Busted: Woman in Biden’s Lies About Trump Helping Businesses – Watch

Democrats really have to be careful about biting the hands that feed them, especially when they’re so quick (and loud) to criticize. Tiffany Easley ...Read More

BUSTED: Ilhan Omar Funneled Massive Amount of Campaign Funds to New Husband

Ilhan Omar is America’s husband stealing representative. Her involvement with her now-husband start years ago as she methodically seduced Tim Mynet ...Read More

Hilarious! Mexico Wants the Wall Now as the Tables Turn

Last year, when President Trump wanted to build a wall, Dems hated the idea. They felt it was inhumane and against immigration policy. Mexico hated ...Read More

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