Democrats Go Mute Over Supporting Biden

Joe Biden is losing his support. Attaching yourself to him is like attaching yourself to a concrete block that’s about to head toward the bottom of the Hudson River. It’s a bad move, and most politicians are smarter than that. As we head to the midterms, many people are looking at the big picture. Regardless […]

Credit Card Debit Not Coming From Keeping Up With the Jones’, but From Trying To Keep Up With Inflation Under Biden

When Americans are unable to afford a purchase at once they often resort to using their credit rating to help them make the purchase. A new car, house, college, or unexpected medical expenses all occur with many people relying on their credit and someone putting up the money for them to make things happen. Daily […]

Musk Speaks Out on the Housing Bubble

The housing bubble is popping. Last year, homes were disappearing no sooner than they were listed. Now, all of that is gone. And Elon Musk is one of the first to point to why it happened. The housing market collapse is something we’ve all seen. However, the Tesla CEO couldn’t help but share his thoughts […]

Republicans Tie Themselves to DeSantis Despite a Lack of Endorsements

If you haven’t noticed, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has become quite popular over the last couple of years. Due to his anti-lockdown stance during the COVID-19 pandemic, strong defense of schools and students on everything from gender identity to critical race theory, and his willingness to take on the White House on a number […]

Lawmakers Demanding Answers From the Pentagon About Worsening Recruiting Problems

Failure to meet recruiting and retention goals are not uncommon. Especially when the country is just getting done with a 20-year war. When they fail to make the grade, and now drop below the post-Vietnam War level though, it’s gotten worse. Now in response, leaders from each branch are reaching out to ask why the […]

Buttigieg Can’t Understand Why Same-Sex Codification Law Would be Hard to Vote For

If you didn’t know, US legislative houses are working to either pass or deny a bill that would essentially codify the legalization of gay marriages in America. Currently, it has only been made legal via a Supreme Court case that sets a precedent for such. But as you know, thanks to the recent overturning of […]

Judge Keeps Prosecutor From Being Able To Devise Fake Narrative During Investigation

Democrats are seething over the ruling passed down by Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney. Judge McBurney is keeping the prosecutor in a case investigating that claims that former President Donald Trump tried to interfere in Georgia state’s 2020 electoral process. Newsbreak reported that “Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney agreed with Republican state Sen. Burt Jones […]

Redefining of Terms Leads to New Charges for Gun Owners With a Criminal Record

The recent mass shootings gave the Democrats the cover they needed to push stricter gun control laws. Ultimately, their end game is to remove the Second Amendment so the general population cannot own guns. They understand that if the people cannot defend themselves, they will be able to take control of the country without fighting […]

Of Course, Trump Plans to Drain the Swamp in 2025

“You’re Fired!” It’s a phrase made famous by none other than Donald Trump. It solidified him as a businessman who wasn’t afraid of hurting people’s feelings if that is what would be best for the company and its bottom dollar. It’s also the approach he basically won the presidency on in 2016. We all remember […]

With the Lowest Recruitment Numbers Since the Draft Ended the Army Is Forced To Undergo a Massive Force Reduction

Ever since the midway point of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, recruiters have been having a harder time making their recruiting goals. Kids have no desire to be hiking outside five miles from their bed or eating food that comes in a shelf stable bag. They don’t have any desire to spend time learning […]

Maxine Waters Decides That Politics Is Better Kept in the Family As She Funds Her Daughter’s Business

Maxine Waters is a known socialist hiding within the ranks of the Democratic Party. She cannot reveal herself as a staunch socialist because she would lose her position in Washington. So she hides her true beliefs under the banner of liberalism and secretly looks for ways to institute her destructive agenda into bills being passed […]

The Trump Beat Down from Liz Cheney Intensifies

The bitter feud between Liz Cheney and former President Donald Trump is heating up again. The Wyoming GOP representative interviewed with Fox News Sunday and said that even the editorial boards of newspapers owned by right-leaning billionaire Rupert Murdoch agree with her that Trump is “unfit” to hold office again.  Cheney is the vice chair […]

Senate Dems Push Biden to Salvage Climate Agenda

Like just about any president, Joe Biden made many promises to the American people while campaigning. And like most, not all of those have been fulfilled. In fact, very few of them have. The only real exception to this is his promise to shut down fossil fuels and supposedly reduce America’s carbon footprint. Of course, […]

Wall Street Expects To Get Rocked Like a “Hurricane”

With the recession already taking down many Americans, this hurricane of destruction is on its way toward Wall Street to cripple our economy in a whole other way. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon was recently on a call with investors where he warned of this happening. “There are very good numbers coming in. That’s the […]

Did He Or Didn’t He? Biden Declaring He Confronted Saudi Crown Prince About Khashoggi’s Murder

President Joe Biden is maintaining that he absolutely confronted Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salman (MbS) over the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. But that is not what leaders from Saudi Arabia who were in the room with both Biden and MbS are reporting about the meeting between the two national leaders.  Saudi Arabia is pushing […]

Heroic Mother Who Saved Her Kids In Texas Has a Word for Police: ‘Turn In Your Badge’

The heroic mother who saved her children during the elementary school shooting in Uvalde, Texas has some words for the police officers who were on the scene. Angeli-Rose Gomez said this to the police who she blames for their inaction and for holding back her parents: “Turn in your badge.”  Gomez was placed in handcuffs […]

Veterans Get the Benefits They Deserve After Burn Pit Exposure

Veterans gave almost everything to serve their country. And we all benefited because we have our freedom. Unfortunately, veterans have found that they have been left with unfortunate and unwanted souvenirs from their time overseas. Burn pits were set up on many foreign bases as a way to deal with the trash. And the smoke […]

IRS Now Forced to Offer Free Tax Filing

As Americans, filing and paying taxes annually is a requirement. We might not like it, but we know that taxes are one the major sources of revenue our federal government receives that allow it to continue its work of introducing and creating laws, as well as protecting and keeping us free. However, as you well […]

China’s Looming Banking Crisis Is Hitting It’s Tipping Point

Banking customers in China’s central Henan province can finally breathe a sigh of relief. After having their bank accounts frozen since April, their protests and demands are finally being heard by their local government. Starting July 15th, they would be able to remove up to $7,442 from their accounts. The demonstrations the locals have been […]

Iran Jumps In To Help Putin Maintain His Dignity…Russia Needs Help

It was only a matter of time before Iran linked armpits with Russia. Putin got in a little too deep in Ukraine so the Iranians are gonna help him finish the job he started. With a hardy “Allahu Akbar,” they’re boxing up several hundred drones, some pre-loaded with bombs, to ship to the Kremlin via […]

Jobs Report Points to Further Housing Market Troubles Ahead

Anytime a new report from President Biden’s administration is released, something is inherently wrong. Either the figures are showing new problems on the horizon, or they are exposing the old problems as being worse than we thought. It’s not that the man cannot catch a break, it’s that he refuses to take the steps to […]

July Has Become a Crucial Month for the Dreams of Democrats in the House 

The Democrats in D.C. are gearing up for what they hope are major moves in the month of July as Congress returns from this recent recess. The House’s January 6th Committee’s public hearings will be coming to a close, and President Biden’s legislative agenda will be facing its uphill battle. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., […]

Biden Administration Dumps Money into the Question of Being a White Male

The Biden administration promised unity when they got into office. Actually, they made a lot of promises. They’re the biggest laughingstock because they haven’t done anything. Unity is the last thing that this administration is interested in. They have created more division by pushing the concepts of racism. And now, the Department of Health and […]

To These Outsiders Looking In, U.S. Democracy Is Gone With the Wind

The U.S. government lied about Sep 11. The attack would not have been possible had it not been an inside job. COVID-19 was manufactured as a means of control. Ukrainians are peacefully plowing their fields The war is fake and liberals are using “crisis actors” to stage phony mass shootings to push their anti-gun agendas. […]

North Korea Feels Targeted by the New US-South Korea-Japan Cooperation Agreements

North Korea’s Dear Leader Kim Jong Un is never a happy camper when other countries are grabbing away headlines and attention, he believes he deserves it. He gets even madder when that attention is centered in the Indo-Pacific region, and it goes against his regime and his grand illusions of massive power. In response to […]

Transgenders and Menstruation…Disney Just Isn’t the Same as It Used to Be

Disney used to be a magical place where kids could be kids. The TV shows included Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse where kids could use their imagination. Theme parks brought the magic to life, allowing kids and adults alike to go on rides, meet characters, and have the time of their lives. Now, Disney has chosen to […]

California Dreaming of Socialism with Health-Care for All Undocumented Immigrants

California is maintaining its position as one of the most liberal and progressive states running full bore toward socialism. The state just voted to become the first state in the nation to offer all undocumented immigrants state-subsidized health insurance. This will be regardless of age.  Immigrants who entered the country illegally will now be given […]

Qatar Sets the Table for the US and Iran To Work on a Nuclear Deal Indirectly

Qatar is infamous for many things and trying to get countries together to find common ground is one of those things. This time around, they want to help Iran save the nearly shattered nuclear deal Iran has with many of the global superpowers. European Union official Enrique Mora sat with Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Ali […]

Russia’s Already Prepared for World War III

Russia’s been talking more and more about the possibility of World War III. They weren’t able to take down Ukraine as easily as they had hoped. However, it has become abundantly clear that they’re not going to give up and walk away, either. Now, it seems that they’re looking at other targets beyond the borders […]

Liberal Companies Jump to Pay for Employees’ Abortions

Employee benefits have always been an important factor when choosing a company to work for. Even the best salaries aren’t all that great if they aren’t paired with great benefits to enjoy throughout the year. Some companies have learned how to offer some impressive benefits packages. Not only do they offer medical insurance and paid […]