Newsom Signs a Bill That Helps Rappers

What you hear in a rap song may be violent. It may be racist. And it may even speak of a crime that has been committed – or at least that has been the thought process of lawmakers over the years. Throughout California, rap lyrics can be used as evidence in the courtroom – or […]

COVID Changed Our Personalities?

We all know that the arrival of COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic changed quite a few things, both here in the United States and abroad. We immediately saw shutdowns of all kinds, be it work, school, or just your basic socialization. As a result, our supply chain and economy were affected, putting us way behind […]

NY Allows Man Pleads Guilty To Hate Crime in Savage Beating of Asian Woman

When someone pleads guilty to charges before having a full trial it means at least one of three things are going on. Either you got a sweetheart deal because of a lack of evidence, you have no one to testify for you so your lawyer pushes it, or they have such damning evidence that even […]

White House Releases Strategy to End Hunger in the US by 2030

As you well know, we do not live in a perfect world. As such, hunger is a serious problem throughout the globe and in our very own nation. Today, studies show that one in eight Americans, both children, and adults alike, struggle with hunger. Naturally, Democratic President Joe Biden wants to fix that, as well […]

Does the Nation Approve of the Way Governor Ron DeSantis Handled the Illegals?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a national name known in every household. For Democratic homes, the mere mention of his name causes people to groan. But for those that have experienced his leadership ability and service to the people, his name causes a lot of excitement. And that happened when the governor spoke at a […]

Rising Interest Rates and Inflation Sends Americans Even More Into Debt

Over the last year, it would be hard not to notice the changes to our economy. It might have started with COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic, but now, two years later, we are still suffering. Crises after crises have befallen us, from immigration to multiple supply chain issues. As a result of those and the […]

Keisha Lance Bottoms: ‘MAGA Republicans’ to ‘Destroy the United States’

White House adviser Keisha Lance Bottom continued to follow the Biden administration’s practice of slamming “MAGA Republicans” and claiming that the followers who support the former president Donald Trump are a threat to the nation. On MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart on “The Sunday Show,” Bottoms stated that Democrats, Republicans, and independents must all be worried about this threat. […]

Trump is Going to Be Allowed BACK on Facebook?

Donald Trump may have his accounts restored on Facebook in the coming year, following an investigation of the decision of the company to ban him as a top executive of Meta Platforms, the parent company of Meta Platforms said on Thursday. Nick Clegg, president of Global Affairs for Meta The company’s global affairs president, Nick […]

Pentagon Under Fire Over Jr. ROTC Sexual Abuse

Pentagon officials admitted on Wednesday that they did not adequately oversee JROTC. numerous veterans of the military teaching in U.S. high schools were accused of sexually abusing students. The officials spoke in front of a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing regarding military recruitment, officials claimed they were discussing how to enhance surveillance of the program […]

China Tones It Down on Taiwan After U.S. Ships Enter Strait

China reduced its rhetoric regarding Taiwan this week, stating that it is certain that Taiwan’s self-governing status will be brought under its control, however it will support efforts to make it happen peacefully. The remarks followed remarks by Vice President Biden saying that U.S. would stand up for Taiwan in the event that China were to […]

Were the Documents Found at Mar-A-Lago Declassified?

The legal team of former President Donald Trump is currently negotiating with Raymond Dearie. The center of the latest issue is a collection of top-secret materials that were seized by the FBI in its August 8 raid at Mar-a-Lago. Trump claims that he has declassified all FBI files . Dearie wants to know if Trump’s team can provide […]

UN Chief Says the World is ‘Paralyzed’

The head of the United Nations said Tuesday that countries are “gridlocked” in colossal global dysfunction and that they aren’t prepared or willing to face the challenges that could threaten the future of humanity and the planet. He said, “Our world is in danger — and paralyzed.” At the opening ceremony of the General Assembly’s annual […]

Judge in Parkland School Shooter Case Will Not Step Down

The judge in charge of the penalty trial for Florida school shooter Nikolas Castro refused Monday’s motion by his lawyers. They accused her of being biased toward their client and prejudicing jurors who will decide whether he should be executed for the murder of 17 people four years earlier. Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer denied Elizabeth McNeill’s […]

Biden: ‘The Pandemic is OVER’ But Still a Problem

U.S. President Joe Biden declared the COVID-19 Pandemic over, but he acknowledged that the virus remains a threat to the United States. Biden made the statement in an interview that was taped last Sunday at the Detroit Auto Show but aired on Sunday. Biden stated that the pandemic was over. We still have a problem regarding COVID. It’s still a big […]

Biden says U.S. WILL defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion

Joe Biden, the US President, stated that U.S. forces would defend Taiwan in case of Chinese invasion. This was his most explicit statement about the matter, drawing an angry reaction from China, which claimed it sent the wrong message to those who want an independent Taiwan. In a CBS 60 Minutes interview, he was asked […]

Teen Rape Victim Ordered To Pay Restitution to Her Rapist for Stabbing Him to Death

Of all the things that are not making sense in 2022, the idea of making a rape and human trafficking victim pay for murdering her rapist is at the top of the list. Then again with this new leftist-originated ticket and release systems for even violent and serious crimes, it doesn’t come as much of […]

Harris Says US Reputation Has Been Ruined by What?

I think we can pretty much all agree that America is not what it used to be – and the world knows it. In the last few years, our reputation has been dragged through the mud or, at the very least, called into question. Why? Well, according to Vice President Kamala Harris, our reputation on […]

Could the New Prime Minister Spell Trouble for the US?

Just before Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, a new prime minister was named for the UK. Liz Truss is replacing Boris Johnson, who announced that he was stepping down several months ago. While a new prime minister could be a great way to strengthen the relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom, many are […]

Millennials Embracing Living for Today or a “Soft Life”, Thus Making Their Ability To Deal With an Emergency Nonexistent

There are two kinds of workers coming from the Millennial generation and younger, the hard-working “hustler” and the simplistic “soft life” workers. While these two form a very yin and yang set of extremes, the traditional 9-5 worker is stuck in the middle. While they make up the majority of people in the workforce, they […]

Fear. It’s Palpable as Many Americans Open Up About Being Attacked

It isn’t safe to go out at night, walk down dark streets, or run in neighborhoods you’re unfamiliar with. And even when you walk in your own neighborhood, there’s no telling what could happen. We don’t live in a safe world. It is scary and unpredictable. The reality is that many Americans fear that they […]

Liberal Teacher Still Living in Fear of Viral Infection Long After Pandemic Is Over

The liberal forced pandemic lives on in academic circles around the country. Liberal institutions continue to believe and push that the COVID-19 virus continues to be a significant threat. Several institutions still have rules in place that severely limits what students can do when they arrive on campus. And as soon as one case of […]

The United States Could Be Headed Toward a Civil War

The Democrats seem to want a more progressive agenda. Some are even leaning toward out-and-out socialism. Meanwhile, the Republicans are trying to take a conservative, fiscally minded approach to governing the country. There are arguments coming from both sides on virtually every issue. Parents should or shouldn’t get a say in their children’s education. Abortion […]

Biden Thinks That He Can Have His Administration Dictate What Cases the Supreme Court Should Handle

Biden and his administration have come to believe that they have the final authority over what other parts of the government can be involved with. The Department of Justice blatantly told the Supreme Court that they should not even consider listening to the case dealing with the citizenship rights of people born in American Samoa. […]

Alan Dershowitz Fails To Provide Answer To Question That Made Him Squirm During His Last Interview

The name Jeffrey Epstein has become synonymous with illegal activity. Any person who finds their name attached to a sex addict immediately falls into a category of people with whom most would never want to have their name associated. Epstein was a man that ran an illegal sex trafficking ring for his so-called business clients. […]

Bankrupt Airline Pilots Being Hired With No Interview

So far 2022 has been the year of “try it and see what happens.” For Maryland-based Piedmont Airlines, this meant hiring pilots in a whole new way. Formed as a subsidiary of American Airlines, Piedmont airlines took pity on the pilots of ExpressJet. That Atlanta-based company had formerly been known as Delta Connection and United […]

Here Comes the Collapse of Housing Costs

Real estate agents around the country have been warning that housing costs couldn’t remain that high forever. During COVID and as interest rates fell, the demand for housing was high. Sellers were seeing their homes be valued nearly double what they were in 2019. Now, things are about to get real. Home values are dropping […]

US Ships Go Sailing into Taiwan… What Could Go Wrong?

The tension between China and Taiwan is nearly palpable. And any wrong move made by the U.S. could result in war. It’s why many warned Nany Pelosi against visiting the island nation. The Communist nation of China issued warning after warning. Pelosi should not visit Taiwan. Otherwise, they would view it as the U.S. choosing […]

Schools and Spanking Don’t Mix, Yet Missouri is About to Change All of That

The days of spanking kids are over. Anyone who grew up in the 70s and 80s knew that a “switch” was so much more than something on the wall that was used to turn the lights on and off. Spanking and paddling could have been done with a hand, a belt, a wooden paddle, or […]

It’s Going to Be a Full GOP Primary, Especially with Mike Pompeo’s Latest Move

It seems that everyone is talking about the 2024 presidential primaries. It’s for good reason, too. There’s no way that we can allow President Joe Biden to continue for another four years. Look at how much damage he’s done to the country in just 18 months. Allowing him to rule for eight years would be […]

Pentagon Tells Washington DC Mayor Bowser To Deal With Immigration Problems Without the National Guard Yet Again

Mayors in Washington DC and New York City as well as the elected representatives for their cities/districts have been vocal about not wanting to support the mission of resolving the crisis at the border. Given their continuous speeches and quotes about this being a nation of immigrants, many elected officials along the border decided to […]