Massive Drop Leads to Big Questions About the Future of Crypto

Plummeting values for cryptocurrency have left investors devastated. While crypto has been a somewhat volatile and shaky investment since its inception, the President Trump years provided some significant gains and reliable growth. All that changed with new laws regarding the oversight of the currency, and the near demand to be involved in it by the […]

The Trend That’s Shaking Dems to Their Core

For years, Democrats have assumed that their saving grace in the US just might be the Hispanic community. It’s why immigration issues have thoroughly been ignored by the political left for so long, thinking that if Dems continue to give these migrants a shot at freedom, they will one day repay the party by keeping […]

Biden Praises Police but Hosts Anti-Police Activists

There’s a saying that you’ve probably heard a time or two during your life: Actions speak louder than words. Basically, it means that while your words are important and indeed do have power, if they are not backed up by action or deeds, they are pretty much useless, if not all-out lies. And for Biden’s […]

How Biden Set Women Back 92 Years

Ever wonder what life was like for women back in 1930? Well, you might actually be surprised to learn that it’s not all that unlike what life is like for women in 2022. Women could officially vote and more and more of them were allowed to enter the workforce, albeit for not the wages as […]

Republicans in So. Texas Just Kicked the Dems to the Curb by Winning the Latino Vote

Mayra Flores easily salsaed her way to victory in a Texas special House election thanks to the overwhelming support of hardcore blue voting Latinos who crossed over the red line for the conservative Republican. The newly elected state representative said she owes her success to Democrats who take the Latino vote for granted. Figuring the […]

Biden’s Leadership Guides Americans to the Biggest Mortgage Rate Hike in 35 Years

Bringing Joe Biden back to the White House, but this time in the driver’s seat must be the most ignorant move of the American people in the last decade. Even while serving as the Vice President under then-President Obama, it was clear that he was best suited for comedic relief, and not leading anything. Instead […]

World Health Organization Decides to Finally Look into the Origin of COVID-19

The COVID-19 coronavirus was a tragedy released on the world by a bunch of cowardly people seeking to take advantage of the vacuum the virus would create. The first initial detection of the virus came out in China. And all speculation would center around the Chinese playing around with the coronavirus to make it into […]

Feds Split on How to Fix Gas Prices

Any time gas prices rise there is an outcry about the increase. From the increases caused by hurricanes taking a refinery offline, to increases due to oil constraints in the middle east. Since President Biden took office though, these cries have never been silenced. Instead, they have steadily gotten louder and angrier as the prices […]

As Global Tensions Rise, So Does the Number of Nuclear Weapons

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the number of nuclear weapons across the globe is growing. Despite many countries being forced to destroy countless warheads that have reached their lifespan, many countries keep producing more weapons to replace them. With tensions rising across the globe, many scholars and military advisors […]

Of Course, Politicians Have a Way Around Intimidating SCOTUS Justices…

If you haven’t heard, there is a rather big case being deliberated on in the U.S. Supreme Court. In fact, it could even lead to an overturn in the infamous Roe v Wade case that made abortion legal in the U.S. back in 1973. And as you and I can both imagine, those for abortion […]

IRS Begging for Funding To Keep Stealing and Wasting Your Money

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is about four weeks away from having to host a bake sale to afford the IRS bills. Appearing before Congress on June 7th, she set the table to ask for further funding to cover the next 10 years of IRS operations. With a target of $80 billion in funding, she […]

America’s Military is Nearly Fully Dependent on China for Ammunition

We have inadvertently given China the upper hand in many aspects of American life. Why? They have the manufacturing capabilities that we don’t. Look at what you buy. Flip it over and read the imprint or the sticker or the tag. It’s likely made in China. It’s nearly impossible to find the U.S. flag and […]

DeSantis Edged Out Trump at the Annual Western Conservative Summit…He’s Gunning for Trump

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is no longer making a splash. He’s riding a tsunami of ardent admirers and supporters who think he’s too good for the Sunshine State not to share. DeSantis’s long reach extends out West where a recent straw poll has him topping Donald Trump in popularity.  Annually, the Western Conservative Summit conducts […]

Iran Warns US About Backing IAEA; US Says “Hold My Beer”

Iran must have gotten their messages crossed someplace along the line. They seem to think they have a choice about the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) or the US supporting them in their decisions. State Department spokesman Ned Price did not mince words when talking about Iran. “We can confirm that we plan to join […]

The Durham Investigation Receives a Set-Back in the Court…Trump Supporters Irate

Special Counsel John Durham got a setback this week in his investigation into the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign. Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann was acquitted this week of lying to the FBI when he advanced information that was directed at casting suspicion on former President Donald Trump and Russia just before the election of 2016. […]

Inflation is Crushing Americans with No Signs of Stopping

Every time you go to the grocery store for things like bread and milk, you likely notice that the price has gone up – again. Inflation is crushing each and every American. It doesn’t matter how much money you make. You’re noticing that groceries are costing a lot more – and it’s taking a toll […]

North Korea Giving Suspicious Information About the Spread of COVID-19

North Korea wants the world to believe that the recent outbreak of the coronavirus is slowing down, but the World Health Organization (WHO) is saying otherwise. A top official at WHO said that the U.N. health agency is “getting worse, not better,” contradicting the secretive claims of the North Korean government.  There was a news […]

The Dark Secret About Electric Cars

Electric cars are all the rage right now, right? That is if you listen to the political left and their liberal-backed environmentalists. According to them, they are green and one of the major ways in which the human population can cut down on CO2 emissions that are apparently clogging up our atmosphere and creating global […]

Democrats Fighting With Google Location Services Over Abortion Rights

The Democrats want their cake and to abort it too. With the overturn of Roe v. Wade imminent, they are taking advantage of every moment they can get more slanted their way. Surprisingly, the same leftists that have been pushing for further monitoring of the people, and their actions are opposed to Google using location […]

Political Tribalism Is Nothing New…Trump Didn’t Start the Fire…We Did

Political turmoil is no new kid on the block. In 2008 when John McCain and Barak Obama went to fisticuffs, so did voters. McCain came in like a John Wayne-type maverick with an unbridled quest to restructure the Republican Party while Obama was singing Kumbaya to a nation that needed to come together as one. […]

Large Crowds of Iranians Are Protesting Against Their Gov’t…They’ve Had Enough…All Eyes Are Peeled

The thought of 33 people being crushed to death in a building collapse is tragic no matter where it happens. Even in Iran where we Americans aren’t as compassionate towards a culture that would just as soon annihilate us as to look at us. That’s where it happened, and the Iranian government has some angry […]

New Charter School Established for LGBTQ Community…You’ll Never Guess Where

The Magic City Acceptance Academy (MCAA), a public charter school, has opened for business. It is a specialized school specifically created for students in the LGBTQ community. One might think that this school was established in California, or possibly somewhere in the northeastern portion of the United States, but the Magic City Acceptance Academy is […]

Whoa! Biden Taking His Billions from the Billionaires

Joe Biden and his liberal followers have tried for years to get the billionaires of America to give up their wealth. They have spread the lies that the wealthy dodge taxes and do not pay their fair share. The progressives demand that the wealthy pay more in taxes to help supplement the Democrat’s insane spending […]

The Power of Donald Trump’s Influence Reigns Supreme

The liberal media and the Democratic Party are all excited about the small victories seeing the primaries. They glow over Brian Kemp’s victory and salivate the win of Brian Raffensperger. And then there is the win of Chris Carr. They promote and act as if a few wins are the new normal and signify that […]

Scientists Inject First Human Patient with a Cancer Killing Virus

It’s about time we had some good news from the healthcare field. Scientists have injected the first human patient with a new virus that seems to kill cancer. Vaxinia is a virus that has been used successfully in tests on animals to defeat cancer. With this now being used in a human, the test of […]

NY AG Begins Sifting Through Buffalo Mass Shooter’s Digital Footprint

New York Attorney General Letitia James is wasting no time trying to get to the bottom of the Buffalo mass shooter’s intentions. In particular, she is looking to Twitch, 4chan, 8chan, and Discord for information about the shooter, his motives, his influences, and other potential attackers that may be lurking in the shadows for a […]

Rent is Skyrocketing While the Government Does Nothing

Rent has always been a confusing concept for many. They pay more to rent a home than the mortgage of a home costs. They could pay rent for 10 or 20 years and have no equity built up. Meanwhile, the owners of the property are getting rich. Most people who are renters would love nothing […]

As Biden Finally Visits South Korea, the North Gets Ready for More Missile Testing

Even as his country is dealing with unprecedented famine, loss of trade and their first bout with COVID, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is more concerned with trying to flex his muscle. As President Biden gets ready for his first trip to South Korea as President, there is evidence that he could be greeted with […]

Yet Another Major Member of the Biden Administration Abruptly Leaves

Senior advisor to President Biden and director of the White House Office of Public Engagement are big shoes for people to fill, especially one person alone. Yet Cedric Richmond did just that, and on May 18th he abandoned both of those positions unceremoniously. With the midterm elections coming up, it seems most likely that he […]

How to Hack, Unlock, and Steal Someone’s Tesla

I think most of us can agree that technology is great most of the time. Innovations in technology now allow us to connect with people worldwide in a matter of seconds, send money digitally, and even start our cars remotely. However, with those innovations and changes, there come new challenges. And in the digital age, […]