Trial Begins for Man Accused of Killing 22 Elderly People

A man accused of murdering twenty-two women from the Dallas region is expected to stand trial for the murder of one after being found guilty by a capital jury in the murder of a second earlier in the year. The trial for capital murder in the case of Billy Chemirmir, 49, in the death of […]

Scattered Supreme Court Heads Back to Chambers

A nondescript man sporting a scraggly beard appeared to the renowned academic and race historian Cornel West at the religious liberty conference held in Rome in July West didn’t know who he was talking to. “I go into this massive gorgeous, old castle, with these amazing images on the walls, and the person who is […]

Smith and Wesson Sued Over Mass Shooting

The survivors of the shooting in the suburb Chicago Independence Day parade and relatives of the victims filed lawsuits on Wednesday against the maker of the weapon that was used in the attack. The gun maker Smith & Wesson is accused of illegally advertising its products to young men who could be susceptible to committing […]

Prisoner Serving Life in Fatal Vegas Bombing Escapes Prison

Police were on the lookout Tuesday for a 42-year-old bombmaker who fled the Nevada prison in which there was an indefinite sentence for a fatal 2007 explosion in the Las Vegas Strip resort. Gov. Steve Sisolak ordered an investigation into the incident following an investigation. He announced late on Tuesday that his office discovered that the […]

Couple Pleads Guilty for Selling Submarine Secrets

A U.S. Navy nuclear engineer and his wife entered guilty pleas on Tuesday in the investigation into an alleged plot to make secret information about nuclear-powered warships. This comes just a month after their prior plea agreements which called for specific sentencing guidelines had been not accepted. Jonathan as well as Diana Toebbe of Annapolis, […]

Why? Feds Plan to Boost Unemployment

If you thought you thought the U.S. economy wasn’t hurting enough and it appears that the Federal Reserve has a message to Americans that it’s getting more difficult. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell made that amply evident this week, as the bank forecast its benchmark rate to be 4.4 percent by the close of the year, […]

McConnell Working to Block Manchin

McConnell is pushing Senate Republicans to reject a vote on the advancing of Manchin’s reform legislation as part of a funding package for the government according to three people who are familiar with the plan. This is a worrying development that could put Manchin’s West Virginia Democrat’s legislation in danger as he works in the background […]

Putin’s ‘Arsenals of Evil’ Can’t Save Him Now

Money doesn’t buy happiness And it’s not going to purchase an Army or a victory in Ukraine as well. Ask Russian Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. Vladimir Putin, whose Army has savagely abandoned ammunition and equipment stores located in Kharkiv Oblast, donned civilian clothes, and then swiftly retreated back to Russia in the confronting a […]

Iran’s President Refuses Interview After Amanpour Declines Wearing Head Scarf

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi has withdrawn from a planned interview with CNN’s anchor Christiane Amanpour at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Wednesday after she resisted an ultimatum to wear an afghan. A little over 40 minutes later, the interview was set to begin and due to Raisi being behind, an aide informed Amanpour that President Obama […]

Dems Shift Strategy Ahead of Midterms

Senate Democrats are choosing to stay safe in the last few days before the midterm election by pledging to not allow an impasse in the federal government in the wake of Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-W.Va.) controversial legislation to reform the permitting process or any other controversial issue that could provide struggling Republican candidates another chance. […]

Bill to Divide Spousal Student Loans Heads to the House

Monday’s House Rules Committee vote approved a bill that allows borrowers to cancel spousal student loans. This could potentially make hundreds more Americans eligible for loan forgiveness. The committee was also represented by Democrats. They discussed how the bill would finally allow individuals to withdraw from the program in divorce cases or instances of domestic […]

OUCH! More Rate Hikes Coming

In a speech last month, Jerome Powell, the Federal Reserve Chair, stated that Fed’s efforts to reduce inflation by raising interest rates aggressively would “bring some discomfort.” Americans might get a better idea of what pain is in store soon. At its most recent meeting, the Fed is expected to increase its key short-term interest […]

American Held in Afghanistan Finally Released

A senior official in the Biden administration confirmed Monday that Mark Frerichs, an American who has been held in Afghanistan for more than two decades, was released in a prisoner exchange. According to the official, “Bringing Mark home was a top priority for President Biden’s national security team.” According to the official, Haji Bashir Noorzai (a prominent […]

Paid a Penalty to the IRS? Plan on Getting It Refunded

The IRS has been a hot mess for over a year. People are still waiting on refunds from last year. And some people have even been penalized because of late tax returns – all because the IRS doesn’t have enough staff. We’ve all heard about how the IRS has been given money to hire more […]

Couple Gets Caught Trying to Set Sail for Islamic State

Imagine thinking it’s a good idea to get on a cargo ship and sail away in support of ISIS. And, then, imagine doing so without thinking that you’re going to get caught. Crazy, isn’t it? Yet, one couple did exactly that – and got caught. James Bradley and Arwa Muthana paid $1,000 to board a […]

The Court Case That Could Change American Elections

As you well know, elections, particularly federal elections, have been much talked about in the past several years. Of course, a good deal of this has to do with the fact that no small number of Americans believe our presidential election of 2020 to have been botched, resulting in an illegitimate president. However, that’s definitely […]

Student Loan Forgiveness Results in More of the Race Card Being Played

Many current and former college students are preparing to benefit from President Biden’s decision to wipe out at least $10,000 in student loan debt. This unexpected but highly advocated move from the Democrats is just another move from their playbook to buy votes and confidence of their younger voter base especially. With an upper cap […]

Biden Sent Ukraine How Many Millions?

It seems like every two weeks or so another story comes out about President Biden sending money to Ukraine. With U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s more recent announcement on September 8th of $675 million going to Ukraine, he urged allies to kick in their share to ensure Ukraine can stay in the fight for […]

Joe Biden Had the Best Environment Handed to Him as President and He Turned It Into a Sewer Mess

The liberal-owned media is pushing narratives that make it seem like the Democratic Party is countering the Republican influence mounting around the country. The invasive news reports make conservatives out to be terrorists and the liberals to be heroes. They try to make President Joe Biden look like a saint even though he sits in […]

As the Pressure Between Washington and Tehran Increases, B-52 Bombers Warm Up in the Middle East

With the US finally out of the armed conflict in the middle east for the first time in 20 years, you would think things are starting to cool off over there. Instead, the US is starting to crank up its presence in the area by demonstrating the capabilities of the B-52. Announced on September 5th, […]

Hillary Is in a Tizzy Over Comparisons with Trump

Oh no, Hillary is in a tizzy again because of former President Donald Trump. She is all worked up because of how many people are connecting the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence and the FBI seizure of classified documents with the situation involving her emails on a private server. People are asking why there is […]

As the Grid Strains to Full Capacity, California Forced to Activate Emergency Gas-Powered Generators

gopixa/ No matter how hard California tries to be on the cutting edge of electric vehicle use or on getting into green energy, they keep tripping over their own two feet. Their refusal to see just how unprepared the US is to go green and how it cannot be done all at once is a […]

The Navy’s Sheep Has Grabbed the Attention of PETA

Laurinson Crusoe You don’t really expect to hear about the Navy having sheep. And even if you’re aware of the sheep being kept by this branch of the military, you assume they’re doing everything right. Apparently not, and PETA is getting very upset about it all. So, in case you didn’t know, the military […]

Turns Out Joe Rogan Was Right About Ivermectin and COVID

Novikov [email protected] After claiming Ivermectin was the cure the government didn’t want to discuss when COVID was just kicking off, Joe Rogan was laughed at. When he caught COVID himself and received it as a part of a treatment course with Z-packs and vitamin drips for three days, people thought he was full of it […]

Biden’s Comeback is a Flop

Trevor Bexon/ Haven’t you heard? Joe Biden is making a comeback. At least, that’s what the liberal media has been boasting about recently. This is the newest way to get the president’s approval rating up. It’s working, sort of. His approval rating has gone up a few points. Unfortunately, that still puts him in the […]

And We’ve Got Our First Monkeypox Death. Cue the Hysterics!

Monkeypox has been a concern in the U.S. for a few months now. There have been more cases – and that means more healthcare agencies trying to figure out what to do in order to protect the population. Up until now, monkeypox has been considered relatively safe in the fact that most who are infected […]

GOP Gov Says Republicans Could Blow It

If you’ve heard anything about the upcoming November midterms, it’s that there is likely a massive red wave coming. In fact, we are already seeing the beginning of it, as primaries and special elections continue to take place ahead of time. What could result is a complete overturning of the majority held in the House […]

Catastrophic Withdrawal Crushed Biden’s Legacy and Set Afghanistan Up for Certain Failure

August 30th makes the 1st anniversary of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, and the other bookend of a nearly 21-year conflict. This conflict was not only the longest in US history, but it was one of the most draining wars for those serving. People watched their father serve there and then a decade later […]

Former Top DOJ Official Says Sen. Graham’s ‘Irresponsible and Dangerous’

Mary McCord is a former top official at the Department of Justice. She recently lashed out at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) for comments he made that warned of coming “riots in the streets” if former President Trump is prosecuted. The possibility of prosecution with Trump is coming from his potential mishandling of materials found when […]

Plane Hackers Create Upset with Travelers as Alerts Go Wild

Traveling by plane these days is rough. First, you have to get past the high ticket prices. From there, you have to deal with the fact that many airlines are short-staffed, leading to cancellations and delays. And now, if you can actually afford the ticket and get on a plane, you have to worry about […]