Is Critical Race Theory a Way to Advance the Liberal Agenda?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been popping up everywhere – workplace boardrooms and classrooms all over the United States. Many of the trainings focus on teaching that systemic racism is everywhere and that we must judge people based on skin color. It’s one of the most divisive things to hit the country in decades. Now, […]

Trump Exonerated! Investigation is Finally Over and it Found Proof Liberals Were Lying All Along

After months of accusations, alienation, and outright bullying, it turns out that the media and pundits on the left were completely wrong about the events surrounding former President Donald Trump’s photo op out in front of a church near the White House at the height of the summer 2020 riots. You’ll likely remember the irate […]

DeSantis Clear on a Banning Transgender Surgery for Minors

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida just responded to the question regarding signing a bill that would ban transgender surgeries for minors. His answer was pretty clear: “That would be something that I would sign for sure.” He also took a shot at the “woke” corporations saying that “They tend to genuflect before whatever the […]

What a Pervert! Biden Can’t Keep His Hands off Boris Johnson’s Wife

Biden’s perversions know no limits, do they? This man is incapable of keeping his hands to himself. Where his handler for this? This seems like something that “Dr. Jill” should be fixing. When these two arrived in Cornwall on Thursday to participate in the G7 summit, we never thought that things would get this ridiculous. […]

Dem Mayor Requires Citizens to Pay Annual Fee to Own Guns

It’s quite normal for community leaders to come together after a tragedy has occurred to find ways to mitigate such future instances. In fact, not doing so would be careless and insensitive in my book. However, there is a line that cannot be crossed when it comes to certain things, namely the law. And the […]

Taliban Grows Stronger in Afghanistan – Here’s Why

It’s been almost twenty years since we began our long-standing war on terrorism in the Middle East. That’s twenty years of spending some $2 trillion, countless weapons and resources, and far, far too many American lives in the hopes of keeping the radical terrors of the Taliban and others from sweeping across the world. And now, […]

Breaking: Associated Press Stirs the Pot of Racism With New One-Sided Writing Guidelines Demeaning White People

It’s difficult to be a white person in America these days without being accused of being racially prejudiced. There, it’s been said. If you’re white and profess to be colorblind it’s only because you’re too ignorant to realize the level of hatred you don’t know you possess. You can thank your dead slave-owning ancestors for […]

Biden Attacks Religious Education by Siding With Hateful Groups

Joe Biden shows how weak he is as he changes his mind when it comes to keeping a promise to defend freedom of religion in America. The Department of Justice made a quick change to some wording in a court report. They decided to remove the word “vigorously” from phrases that stated they would vigorously […]

Int’l Court Refuses to Acknowledge the Plight of China’s Uyghur Muslims…but There’s Just Been a New Twist…

Certainly, by now everyone in the free world is aware of the atrocities being suffered by the Uyghur Muslims at the hands of their Chinese captors. Thousand of Uyghurs have been forced to live in horrid conditions where rapes and torture are the order of the day. So what’s being done about it? At this […]

Guatemalan Prez Tells Harris Biden’s to Blame and Citizens Tell Her to Get Out

Vice President Kamala Harris continues to face the problem of reporters asking why she has not visited the southern border of the United States. Her top priority from the president has been the immigration issue. Harris sidestepped the question in an interview on Tuesday, but then faced persistent questioning from the news media in Mexico […]

NYT Journalist Claims That It’s “Disturbing” to See American Flags…In America

American flags are a way to be patriotic. Anyone can wave them, regardless of political affiliation. After all, we’re all Americans, right? Apparently not. Mara Gay of the New York Times finds it “disturbing” to see American flags on display. Gay recently joined “Morning Joe” on MSNBC to discuss a commission having to do with […]

If It Isn’t Abusing Kids It’s Something Else…The Vatican’s In Deep Holy Water But Who’s Willing to Handcuff the Pope?

The Vatican’s silk-robed men of God can’t stay out of the news. First came the uncovering of decades of child sexual abuse at their perverted hands. Then came the discovery of unmarked graves behind a Catholic orphanage/schoolhouse. The graves were occupied by the remains of children who were said to have mysteriously disappeared. And now […]

County Admits They Inflated Death Toll by 25 Percent

As the novel coronavirus pandemic hit our shores in America, no one knew precisely what to expect. And for many, including the political left, they let their worst fears get the better of them. Before long, it was being predicted that we’d lose hundreds of thousands of our loved ones, if not millions. We were […]

MSNBC Labels Republican Politicians as Terrorists That Need to Be Destroyed

Liberals see the Republican Party as a bunch of people looking to destroy America and murder everyone who calls it home. They see conservatives as terrorists to progressive ideology. And would like nothing more than to be able to slaughter them every time they get in the way of liberals pressing their agenda on people. […]

DeSantis Makes Move to Protect Floridians from Communist Influence

The media is in an all-out panic each time that the governor of Florida takes to the stage. He has a way of putting the truth out there for the people to know. And He certainly is not going to let the mass media twist his words into lies that they can use in their […]

Nuisance Newsom Set to Expire as Energetic DeSantis Sweeps the Stage

The problem with Democratic leaders is that they think that everyone loves them. Jill Biden and Anthony Fauci show up at the vaccination clinic, and no one wants them around. And so it with Gavin Newsom and the rest of the Nazi-type liberal leaders. People are ready to expire and want to see real leaders […]

Lesbian Kisses are Approved Family Friendly Entertainment

What’s considered family-friendly has changed dramatically over the years. In order to earn a “G” or “PG” rating years ago, there would have to be absolutely no sex, no violence, and no questionable morals. Now, it seems that Disney has stripped away all of its morals. What they play is considered family-friendly simply because of […]

AOC Strikes Again: Is Her Idiocy Strong Enough to Take Schumer Down With Her?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has not made any secret of her controversial stands on a plethora of issues. She and her “squad” have become so progressive that even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had to, at times, separate herself from the group in an effort not to be taken down by their far-leftist ideology. The […]

Disappearances Continue With Top COVID People in China

Communist China is by far the most hostile nation towards its own citizens than any other country in the world. They are known to abuse their people and cause freedom seekers to disappear from society. Their actions are abusive and murderous to any person that would speak the truth. And for that scientist that worked […]

The Great Liar Has Returned and He Looks Horrible in Tights

Anthony Fauci keeps taking to the airways with the hopes that he can regain the popularity that he lost when the COVID emails linked him to a scandal of epic proportions. The lying doctor did not know when to quit when he got his book deal, and he was living on top of the world. […]

Trump Supports Reparations?

Former President Donald Trump has long held to the idea that reparations are undeserved and unneeded here in the United States. Or at least, that’s what we thought. But as of this past weekend, Trump announced that America now needs them. Why? Well, because he’s not talking about reparations as you’ve likely thought of them […]

DeSantis Has Message for Republicans That They Need to Hear

Millions of people in America want to see a president that will not give in to pressure. They want to see a person that will fight for what is right, and that will make America great again. They voted for Donald Trump in record numbers. But the liberals had to photocopy their ballots and wreck […]

Minneapolis Clears The Ruckus, Angering Rioters

George Floyd’s death shook the city of Minneapolis. It shook the entire country. Now, the anniversary of his death has come and gone. It’s time to clean things up and get back to law and order. For a full year, a memorial has been set up in the middle of the city. Protesters have called […]

No Jails Means No Crime in AOC Land

The actors within the Democratic Party are not holding anything back. They believe they have free reign to say anything their mouths can mutter and get away with it. Most of the time, what is said makes absolutely no sense at all. And that is the case with the bartender pretending to be a politician. […]

Rand Paul’s Merciless Mocking of Fauci is Worth the Price of Admission

Last week saw many Americans shocked that White House adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci could have been so duplicitous to the American people while in a position of power. His public-facing comments about the COVID-19 virus appear to completely contradict Some of the most disturbed seemed to be the groups pushing his books, including Amazon and […]

No Hope Left for Floridian Who Hopes to Unseat Desantis After He Pops Her Balloon

There is nothing like watching a Democrat get dismantled one piece at a time by an informed Republican with an unbeatable record. Ron DeSantis is up for reelection next year, and the piranhas are already forming. Nikki Fried is the Florida Agriculture Commissioner, and she thought that she has enough popularity to unseat the mighty […]

Massive Recall of Defective Democrats Underway – Whitmer First

The glory days of the Democratic Party are all but coming to an end. They used the pandemic as a way of stealing power and destroying freedom, but now that it is all but over, they must answer for their crimes. The games that the liberal governors played with people’s lives have all but ticked […]

This U.S. Dept. Under Biden’s Leadership Is Putting U.S. Nat’l Security at Risk…They’re Giving Sensitive Technology to the Chinese…Yeah, Really

The Chinese communist regime never sleeps. They are around the clock working to develop the latest and greatest technologies to be used solely for their evil intentions. While the peasants under their strict control are forced to dwell in squalor, billions of dollars are being sunk into new ways of conquering the planet. And the […]

Now Here’s a Vaccine Incentive We Can Support! West Virginia Hands out Free Guns in Vaccine Lottery

West Virginia is a state that marches to the beat of its own drum. There is no denying that. While they are not the first state to set up incentive systems that are designed to get citizens vaccinated, they have the most unique idea that we have seen so far. You won’t be able to […]

Trump’s Blog Mysteriously Disappears With a Simple “Stay Tuned”…Something ‘Yuge” Is Going Down

Donald Trump, for better or for worse, is a man of mystery. He likes to keep people guessing and he delights in their not knowing what’s coming next. But it’s much more than the simple game it appears to be. Every step he takes is well calculated and has a purpose. Sneak attacks provide much […]