One of Biden’s Gender-fluid Appointees Just Got Arrested for Stealing a Woman’s Clothes

Ron Adar /

One of Joe Biden’s gender non-binary freakazoids got arrested more than a month ago on felony charges. We know what you’re probably thinking. (“Which one?”) This would be the obviously mentally disturbed dude that Joe Biden put in charge of the nation’s spent nuclear fuel at the Department of Energy. Sam Brinton, a lady-dude with […]

Apple Is In Another Meltdown Over Musk


Apple is joining the meltdown team over Elon Musk’s ownership of the Twitter social media platform. The giant company is now making threats about removing Twitter from its app store, according to a report from Musk. The new CEO revealed this information on Monday while explaining that the company behind the iPhone has not given […]

The 5 GOP Members Standing in McCarthy’s Ascension Path

Katherine Welles /

If it’s not been made clear yet, there was not all that much of a red wave during the 2022 midterm elections – at least not as much as was expected. However, the Republicans were able to retake the House of Representatives, if by the smallest of margins. According to FiveThirtyEight, 221 House races have […]

Fauci Tries To Duck His Involvement in the Social Media Muzzling of Truthers During the Early Days of COVID

Phil Pasquini /

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been outspoken about his stance on COVID since the very beginning. He has taken great pride in everything he did to stem the flow of information from people who weren’t with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Now, he has been called on it due to an investigation. Spearheaded by Attorney […]

FTX Gave Cash to McConnell & McCarthy and It Looks as Bad as It Sounds

Stanslavs /

Everyone understands that the FTX cryptocurrency scam was some sort of CIA spook operation to meddle in American elections, right? The question that we don’t have an answer to yet is to what extent FTX’s election meddling happened. We know that the company’s CEO Samuel Bankman-Fried was the second-biggest donor to the Democrat Party in […]

Three Reforms That Establishment Politicians are Going to Hate from Trump

Joseph Sohm /

If you know anything about former President and now-2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump, it’s likely that he’s really good at making waves. Even before he entered the political arena, his carefree ways and not-so-eloquent speaking practices have made him a target for practically all who entrenched themselves in the establishment of America’s government. Why? Well, […]

Addictions and Deaths From Fentanyl May Be a Thing of the Past Thanks to a New Vaccine


Ever since it burst into the American drug scene, fentanyl has been a huge problem. From drug pushers using it to cut their product and increase profits, to people using the product directly, it has been a horrific crisis for the American public. Overdoses have been skyrocketing, and as a result not only are EMTs […]

Soros-Funded Philly DA Impeached…And State Senate May Have the Votes to Remove Him

Zack Frank /

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner was impeached by the Republican-led state House on Wednesday, in a development that received very little mainstream media attention. Krasner is the Soros-funded DA who has overseen the biggest spike in violent crimes in Philadelphia since the city’s founding. These “Soros prosecutors” have been wreaking havoc in cities across the […]

AOC’s New Nightmare Arrives

James Andrews1 /

As you well know, the Democratic Party just had a good trouncing – at least in the House of Representatives. If anything, that should teach those on the far-left fringes of the party that their ideals might not line up all that much with the rest of the nation. However, if they didn’t learn from […]

Another Mass Shooting, Another Attempt To Push the Liberal Agenda

Evgenius1985 /

No matter where, how, why, or when a mass shooting occurs, the left will attempt to push its liberal agenda down the throats of law-abiding and patriotic Americans. While the center of their attacks had changed back and forth for years, as of late they remain solely focused on the idea of an “assault weapons” […]

How Google Helped the Massachusetts Government Spy on People in the Pandemic


One of the most alarming things in recent history – other than US politicians funding Ukraine’s entire government with our tax dollars without permission – was the way that so many leaders trampled on the rights of their citizens during the “pandemic.” Even a lot of Republican governors went mad with power over COVID. Latest […]

Arizona Now Giving Illegals In-State College Tuition

Monster Ztudio/

The state of Arizona has given the illegal aliens who have invaded the border and decimated the resources of the state the gift of further education. These illegals who have done nothing to earn the right to a higher education or done what is right and tried to become American citizens are being rewarded for […]

8 More Fed Instigators Revealed in the January 6 Protests

Kristi Blokhin/

You might want to sit down before you read this because it’s going to sound so implausible, but… there were FBI informants and agitators in the crowd during the January 6th mostly-peaceful election justice protests. We know, we know. It’s hard to believe since the FBI is such a beacon of integrity and truth and […]

Vindman’s Case Against Trump is Thrown Out… More Anti-Trump Lies Exposed

Evan El-Amin/

If you watch the news much, you’ll know that former US President Donald Trump has had a steady flow of lawsuits, both federal and civil, being hurled at him over the last few years. Basically, ever since he announced his move into the political limelight, he’s been a target of the progressive and establishment left. […]

Apple Ends Airdropping in China to Stop People from Sharing Info Freely

Aleksey H/

For ages, Apple has had one of the best features in mobile devices: airdropping. With the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on, you could airdrop photos, videos, and other pieces of information from your phone to another in the vicinity. For many in college, this became a way to break the ice with someone across a […]

Why is No One in Congress Calling for Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Army to be Fired?

If you think back to the very beginning of the illegitimate Biden regime’s time in office, you might remember that they were always bragging about their “historic” appointments to various government positions. The first “this” and the first “that” were being appointed to government jobs and cabinet positions instead of the most competent or qualified […]

Biden-Nominated Massachusetts U.S. Attorney May Have Violated Hatch Act

Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins is being investigated by the Justice Department’s inspector general. She is being looked at over possible Hatch Act violations along with allegedly using a personal cell phone to conduct official business. According to the Associated Press, this will be the second time an investigation was started focusing on potential wrongdoing […]

Trudeau is on a Drag Queen Show…Is Biden Next?

Gints Ivuskans/

More and more politicians are figuring out that they have to play to the far left in order to show that they are accepting of anyone and everyone. And often, simply saying that they are accepting of the LGBTQ+ community is not enough. Unfortunately, dignity is often left behind. Politicians are forgetting that there are […]

UN Demands Trillions from “Rich Countries” for Climate Reparations

Drop of Light/

If there was any confusion left over whether the entire global warming hoopla was a massive scam all along, this story should clear it up. The United Nations has commissioned a new report that was put together by the UK and Egypt. The report concludes that the only way to fix global warming is going […]

DeSantis Gained More Voters This  Time Around…and THIS is Why

Trevor Bexon/

The people of Florida have spoken – and done so quite loudly. The election results mirrored many of the polls. Ron DeSantis had the lead by over 10 percent across the state. It was almost definite that Charlie Crist would not win, even BEFORE Election Day. The gubernatorial race in Florida was one of the […]

TikTok’s Latest Trend: Transgenders Experience Euphoria

Red Umbrella and Donkey/

Welcome to 2022. Men and women can choose to be any gender that they want to be – and liberals go along with it because it is considered “healthy.” There’s nothing healthy about gender dysphoria. It’s actually a mental health problem. And providing support for it can not only hurt people in the end but […]

Economy Is So Bad People Are Pawning Used Caskets


People are almost always willing to part with a treasured item to save some money or keep the bills paid. From Holocaust rings to guitars to good silverware, the American people have been able to take their treasured items to the local pawn shop and get some money to keep the day going. Sometimes it’s […]

Pfizer Moves to Censor Elon Musk-Owned Twitter to Protect Vax Narrative

Marco Lazzarini/

The months-long saga of Elon Musk’s hostile Twitter takeover has mostly concluded. Musk is the new boss, and he fired all the top executives and about half of the SJW staff will be getting pink slips. The left is in a full state of panic about the fact that Must has promised to make Twitter […]

Fed Skyjacking Interest Rates by SHOCKING Amount…No End in Sight


The Federal Reserve wasted no opportunities to give the American people another hike in their interest rates on November 2nd. With the midterm elections just around the corner, this rate hike likely changed at least a few votes. With inflation climbing nearly nonstop for the last two years, this rate increase comes as no real […]

Spy Document Released With Information on Putin’s Health

Gil Corzo/

There has been an alleged spy document leaked from Russia that indicates that Russian President Vladimir Putin has early-stage Parkinson’s disease as well as pancreatic cancer.  This is the latest unverified information on the vilified leader’s ill health. There have been rumors circulating about his illnesses for months now and he has been seen regularly […]

Teacher Accused of Sexually Harassing Students Finds a Loophole


New York has become a liberal breeding ground for entirely too long. The leadership is usually involved in one scandal or another. And as such, it allows for various loopholes. Some loopholes are an “oops.” Others can lead to significant dangers. One teacher was accused of sexually harassing students. And he was removed from a […]

First the Water, Now Cockroaches…Welcome to Michigan


The people of Michigan have been through a lot. Not only are they dealing with the liberal leadership of Gretchen Whitmer but they’re also dealing with some unthinkable living conditions. Those in Flint have had to deal with lead-poisoned water for how long, despite promises from the government that things would improve. And now, one […]

Biden Already Being Fact Checked by the Reborn Twitter, and He Hates It


President Biden has never been the master of Twitter, technology, or even tiddlywinks. Rather, he has bumbled, stumbled, and fumbled his way through everything in life. Now he’s getting a taste of the liberal truth police, except they have changed their policies. Now the truth police, or fact-checkers as they are more commonly called, are […]

Hochul Accidentally Helps GOP Opponent During Debate

Tero Vesalainen/

It wouldn’t take watching the news very long at all to figure out that the state of New York is just about the last place in the nation you’d want to live in. In fact, thanks to things like high inflation, rising taxes, a skyrocketing crime rate, and extra stringent mandates on just about everything […]

Penn State Riot Proves Liberals are the More Violent Party

Adirach Toumlamoon/

The Democrats love to point the finger and blame the Republicans for violence. And the only thing they have to prove their case is the January 6 “insurrection.” What they don’t understand is that the Capitol riot was a result of extremists – and they most certainly don’t represent the entire Republican Party. Democrats, on […]