AOC and Omar Agree That America Deserved Terrorist Attacks

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are in complete agreement with what Hasan Piker, a gamer, stated about 9/11. The two socialist House members are not American by spirit. Their reluctance to be an American is seen in their support of Piker and working with him to push their gamers to vote as a Democrat in […]

Democratic Candidate Cori Bush Calls to Defund the Pentagon and Surrender the Country

Justice Democrat and Black Lives Matter organizer Cori Bush has decided to take her communism to a whole new level with this latest speech. During August’s Democrat primary in Missouri District 1 representing St. Louis City, she was able to defeat Representative Lacy Clay. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because she was […]

Dem Senator Coons Confirms Dems Will Rush to Court Packing if Biden Wins

Democratic Senator and Biden surrogate Chris Coons is doing everything that he can to pitch his preferred candidate to the world. He paid a visit to the State of the Union this past weekend to speak with Jake Tapper. Tapper asked the question that is weighing on everyone’s minds at the moment. He wanted to […]

NYC Schools Find Just 28 Positive COVID Cases After 16,000 + Tests

If you’ve paid any sort of attention to the news recently, you will know that the stories on COVID-19 aren’t all that good, giving plenty of Americans more cause to vote via absentee ballots this year. However, there is one piece of excellent news about the disease, although I doubt you heard much about it. […]

Debate Commission Finds Way to Mute Trump’s Mic in Upcoming Presidential Standoff

As Americans prepare for the upcoming presidential debate to be held in Nashville, TN on Thursday, the candidates are now preparing to take on the national issues in a new way. Contrary to the well-established history of allowing candidates to duke it out on the platform for all to see, the Commission on Presidential Debates […]

Thousands of Californians Line the Street to Greet Trump in Newport Beach

President Trump traveled to Newport Beach, California on Sunday. A fundraising event was taking place at the private estate of Palmer Luckey and Richard Grennell was also on hand. As a conservative seaside city in Orange County, this area is typically known as a Republican stronghold. Of course, there are those who remember how the […]

Twitter Shuts Down Service to Avoid Having to Tell the Truth After Hunter Biden Scandal Breaks

“The show has obtained new Hunter Biden emails that expose corruption. You will not want to miss tonight’s report. Tune in at 8 pm EST on #FoxNews,” tweeted Tucker Carlson yesterday afternoon. Almost as soon as he pressed send, the speculations began. People on both sides wanted to know what he had managed to get his […]

Finally, Newsom is Challenged for His Dictatorship Over California

Gavin Newsom, the mayor of California, is acting as though he’s a dictator across the state. What he says goes. Or, does it? It turns out that Californians are tired of his antics – and he’s being challenged in the same way that Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has been. He’s gone too far. Dems seem […]

Justice Served? Dem’s Frivolous Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump Is Going Nowhere

When the Democrats filed an emoluments case back in 2017, the Supreme Court wasn’t willing to take it up. The lower court’s ruling about the case is going to be allowed to stand. The resistance is taking on water and it is starting to sink. Reuters is here with the breakdown and we are glad […]

Biden’s “Senility” Could Cost Him the Election, Forgets Mitt Romney’s Name

By now, it’s pretty obvious to just about everyone that democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is losing it, and by it, I mean his mind. Gone are the days when even semi-eloquent speech, or even coherent thoughts, escaped his lips. Instead, all that we are left with is the ramblings a man with early-onset dementia. […]

First Time Ever: Florida Police Chiefs Endorse President Trump

There is a lot to be said with how law enforcement agencies worldwide are flocking to support the only candidate who has stated he is for law and order. The Democrats have made their point that they are for chaos and crime, while President Trump is for the country being secure. He alone has supported […]

Real American Dems Actually Like Amy Coney Barrett

Suppose the establishment media, also known as the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing, is to be believed. In that case, Amy Coney Barrett is evil, crazy, and will ruin this country by overturning both Roe v. Wade and Obamacare. And as such, no one in their party likes her all that much. However, it would seem […]

Will the Truth Finally Come out? Trump Authorizes Full Declassification of Russia Probe Documents

Now that Donald Trump is out of the hospital, he is going to be going full scorched earth on anyone who has wronged him. We already knew that he had to be feeling better because he’s back to his usual tweetstorms. The one that he fired off last night is sure to get a lot […]

Dems’ Antisemitism! AOC Refuses to Meet With Jewish Community Leaders

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been a never-ending fountain of hot takes and liberal gibberish since her first term began. She’s managed to remain on the national stage for some time now. By functioning as a Bernie Sanders surrogate, she ensured that her name always remained in the news cycle. Lately, she’s been keeping a pretty light […]

Clowns: Democrats Show Fear as They Barricade Candidate from Lindsey Graham

The Democrats continue to live in their world of fear as they separate themselves from the rest of the population. Everywhere they go, people are pushed out of their way as they step into their plastic box. Their attempts to avoid contact with COVID-19 infected people fuels the panic and fear that their followers have. […]

Are the Dems’ Election Fraud Plans Working? Early Results Are In

Each party is experiencing their own anxieties as the election draws nearer. The GOP is playing the numbers game. Since a wide range of mail-in ballots have already been submitted, it is time to take a closer look at the Democrat’s election fraud plans. Are they working as well as they would have hoped? Democrats […]

New York Times Fails Elementary School Again

The New York Times has flunked elementary school based on the way they are reporting the facts of President Trump’s tax returns. They have forgotten how accounting works and the basic principles of the tax laws. Their desire is to be harsh towards the president because they hate him for winning the election and the […]

Prominent Liberal Openly Calling for All Republicans to Be “Lined up Against a Wall and Shot”

Dick Costolo is a multi-millionaire and former Twitter CEO. Like many liberals, he seems to struggle with the concept of sharing a country with people he does not agree with. The tweet that he decided to fire off on Wednesday night was beyond disturbing. Will Twitter actually do anything about this blatant hate speech, though? […]

Watergate Prosecutor Pushes Narrative That Members Of Trump Family Could Go To Jail

In a recent CNN interview, Ex-Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman claimed that compared to President Donald Trump, former president Richard Nixon was a “rookie amateur,” when it comes to circumventing tax law. What Nixon did was essentially backdate one deed for a gift of papers to the United States government … he basically created a phony […]

Charles Barkley Asks: ‘Who Are Black People Supposed to Call? Ghostbusters?’

Upon reading the title question, there are likely several things that come to mind, most prominently is probably an image of Bill Murray running around NYC in a jumpsuit and oddly shaped backpack. Second, if not the first, is likely the iconic theme song made famous by the original 1984 film. But then you’d be […]

Look at What Border Patrol Found at the Top of the Wall

The tabloids have been chocked full of national debate issues this year. It’s the same old kind of the lines with a whole slew of new ones. But one subject that seems to be oddly missing is talk of President Trump’s border wall. In fact, it seems like years since I’ve heard it mentioned. And, […]

Biden’s America! Woman Tasered in Front of Her Children Over Face-mask

Alecia Kitts is a mother like any other. She wanted to watch her son play high school football but the police decided to put a stop to her fun. Since she was not wearing a mask, she was asked to leave. Alecia also appears to have been sitting with her other children at the time […]

Pelosi Surrenders: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Worth The Trouble’ Is Her Answer On Another Impeachment Bid

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) made a surprising move of surrender on Thursday when she informed Americans that she wouldn’t continue her campaign to impeach the president of the United States. Her declaration comes as the White House is in the midst of a hard-fought campaign against the entire Democratic industrial complex who are pushing […]

House Ethics Committee Concludes: Tlaib Violated Campaign Finance Law

It’s no wonder the “squad” and its four freshmen congressional members must have come together so closely in the last couple of years. Not only do they have the same ideas on policy and politics, but they also seem to have a penchant for violating campaign finance laws and ethics. Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan […]

Trump to Biden: Let’s Add Another Debate

As November and the upcoming presidential elections draw ever closer, the presidential debates loom right around the corner. But if President Trump has his way, they might be even sooner. On Wednesday, the Trump campaign, via the President’s personal attorney and liaison between the presidential debate commission, Rudy Giuliani, requested that another debate be added […]

Whoa: NYC Health Commissioner Resigns, Throws De Blasio Under the Bus

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is by far one of the least popular leaders ever to reside in the Big Apple. And as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, that popularity only seems to decrease. This week, his leadership or lack thereof become the deciding factor in the city’s health commissioner’s resignation. And she […]

History’s Bound to Repeat Itself Because of Ignorant Dems Messing with School Curriculum

This just in: several decades from now, there will be a civil war, concentration camps, and more. Why? Students didn’t learn from history. The history they were taught eliminated anything that was considered ‘offensive.’ The ignorant Dems have decided that its best to adjust school curriculums. What people have been learning for decades is no […]

‘Mafia Tactics’: All is Fair as Long as Blacks Get More

Black Lives Matter. Yes, we’ve heard. We agree. However, that’s not enough for the BLM protesters. Although most blacks agree with the basic aspect that black lives matter just as much as everyone else’s, the protesters are demanding more and more. This goes far beyond reparations. This is about making America pay for the fact […]

Governor Says Science Proves Kids Should Go Back to School

One of the biggest arguments on today, both in individual states and jurisdictions and nationwide, is whether kids should be sent back to school this fall with the novel coronavirus pandemic still going on. And as most schools were previously scheduled to start back up in just a few short weeks, some find themselves no […]

After Three Decades a University of Arkansas Professor is Brought to Justice…He’s Been Working for China

China has been popping frequently in the news these days as their network of spies residing in the U.S. is under close scrutiny by government officials. In addition to spying, other fraudulent activities by people with close ties to the communist nation are on the rise. These people are embedded in American society and many […]