Will any of these media people be held accountable for their attacks on Gorsuch after NPR’s SCOTUS mask story was shown to be total bunk?

The biggest story on the left this week was a screed from NPR’s Nina Totenberg attempting to smear Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch as the horrible monster every liberal knows him to be.

In an attempt to spread the narrative that the SCOTUS justices aren’t getting along, Totenberg, who works for an entity that receives funding from U.S. taxpayers, decided to spread a thinly sourced (as in, she had one anonymous source) bit of gossip claiming Gorsuch had refused Chief Justice John Roberts’ request that justices wear masks in court and thereby put the life of Justice Sonia Sotomayor at grave risk.

Naturally, leftists glommed onto this allegation and used it to bludgeon Gorsuch for being such a cretin.


Grabien founder Tom Elliott documented these bad actors’ hot takes:

Supercut: Media Smear Justice Gorsuch Using NPR’s Fake News


Except there was a problem: The story was B.S.

After the fake news made the rounds, Grouch and Sotomayor released a joint statement that Totenberg’s claim was bunk.

When the anti-Gorsuch crowd claimed that the justices’ statement wasn’t believableand that they were parsing words (since they didn’t address the specific claim that Roberts had requested that justices mask up), Roberts himself came out and made it clear that the story was balderdash.

So, will any of these “journalists” be held to account by their employers? Will any of them recant or apologize?

Considering that NPR stood by Totenberg’s nonsense as some kind of fake-but-accurate report that did not merit a correction and that Totenberg called the Gorsuch-Sotomayor response to the report “non-denial denial” and Roberts’ statement as a rejection of reality, I wouldn’t hold my breath.