Chinese kindergarten teacher gets death sentence after poisoning ‘dozens’ of children, killing 1

A Chinese kindergarten teacher was sentenced to death on Monday after she poisoned “dozens of children,” killing one, CNN reported.

The outlet reported that the teacher, Wang Yun, carried out the heinous act in retaliation against a colleague.

What are the details?

The attack took place in March 2019 when Wang put sodium nitrite in porridge being prepared for the unnamed colleague’s students.


Sodium nitrite, necessary for curing meats, can sicken and even kill depending on the amount ingested. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has determined that sodium nitrite — a toxic substance — is used in munitions and fertilizer. At high levels, sodium nitrite can prevent the body from efficient — and necessary — oxygen absorption.

The poison sickened at least 25 children and took the life of one young boy, who was severely ill for most of 2019. He died in January.

CNN reported that Wang previously argued with a fellow teacher at Jiaozuo kindergarten over “how best to handle the students.”

On Monday, the Jiaozuo City Intermediate People’s Court said that the teacher was fully aware that the sodium nitrite would sicken — and could even kill — the children, but she carried out her plan “with no regard for the consequences.”

A statement from the court said that Wang’s “criminal methods and circumstances were exceedingly bad, with especially severe circumstances, and she should be severely punished in accordance with the law.”

What else do we know about the incident?

CBS News reported that following the poisoning, the children “began vomiting and fainting after eating their breakfast.”

Following the incident, one parent told state-run outlet the Global Times that his child was terribly ill when he arrived at the school to pick up the child.

“The vomit was all over [their] pants,” the parent recalled. “There were other children who were also throwing up, and they looked pale.”

The outlet reported that Wang also poisoned her husband in 2017 by adding sodium nitrite to his mug. He suffered only “minor” injuries in connection with the attack.