Must See! Parkland School Shooting Victim’s Father Holds Emotional Speech at RNC Convention

The mainstream media likes to pretend that they are giving a voice to the voiceless. That’s their M.O. at the moment. Of course, you shouldn’t tell that to anyone with a message that the mainstream media does not agree with. They will ignore anyone who is not saying what the liberal media wants them to say. Take the Parkland school shooting, for instance.

Did the media ever decide to give a voice to any of the conservative parents who were affected by the tragedy? Of course not. They were too busy shoving a microphone in the face of any leftist student that had something to say. Andrew Pollack is one of the parents who the media saw fit to silence. President Trump did not go along with this narrative, though.


He wanted to make sure that all of the parents at this school were given the chance to speak their minds. That’s more than most outlets are willing to do these days. Pollack shared his concerns and sorrows with the president. In turn, President Trump tried to make the changes that would keep parents like Pollack from ever having to go through the same things again.

Andrew Pollack did not let us down when he was given his chance to speak. He spoke to the United States about the relationship that he has built with the current president. He is also angry with the Democrats for placing his child in severe danger. Pollack did not mince words and any parent can feel his fury during a time like this.

If not for parents like Pollack, so many stories would never be told. When a tragedy like this one occurs, the mainstream media goes right into agenda mode. They do not care about the people who are affected. The conservation goes right to gun control and if you’re not willing to participate? The liberal media has absolutely no use for you.

This man has the sort of courage that we wish we had ourselves. It takes a lot to be able to speak publicly about a loss this tragic. Many parents would never have the guts to get on stage at an important event like this and speak their truth. Andrew Pollack is a special parent and we hope that he is able to find some solace in the fact that he is now helping others.

Until we saw this speech, we had no idea what his daughter’s final moments on the planet were like. Pollack is filling in these important blanks for an audience that does not always have the chance to hear their stories being told on the biggest of stages. Instead, they are shunted off to the side and given the impression that their stories are not truly important to the rest of the country.

Thanks to President Trump, parents like Pollack finally have the chance that they have been waiting for. This school failed the Pollack family horribly and the Democrats want the blame to be shifted elsewhere. That’s how this party does things. They point the finger at everyone but themselves and then wonder why no one takes them seriously.

The grief that this parent is feeling should be felt by everyone, whether you identify as a leftist or a conservative (or even somewhere in between). This is the worst tragedy that a parent will ever have to face. No parent should ever have to bury their child because of a tragedy that was this avoidable. Pollack’s courage is commendable.

Our hearts are breaking for this family and we are grateful to the president for giving Pollack the chance to speak. There are not a lot of presidents who would make this kind of decision. It’s a nice break from the nonsensical yammering that the Democratic party had to offer us during their convention. Maybe they should be taking notes in the meantime, so that their next convention goes a bit more smoothly.